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Safety Officer Specialty Track

Welcome to the CAP Safety Officer Specialty Track!

As a CAP Safety Officer... are an important part of CAP Safety and committing to the protection of our people and resources! directly contribute to the National Commander’s vision of ensuring that every member of CAP, as well as the organization itself, embraces and practices risk management “in the planning and execution of all CAP missions and activities, in groups and as individuals,” are a critical link in the safety chain, and your commitment to serving in this role supports the safety of everyone and everything in our care.

The requirements outlined for each rating in the Safety Officer Specialty Track provide the basis for the knowledge and skills needed to perform your SE duties. The rating requirements may also allow you to progress through the five levels of the CAP Education and Training Program (including eligibility for promotion). See CAPR 40-1, CAP Senior Member Education and Training Program for additional information.


CAPP 40-160 Safety Officer Specialty Track

Change highlights to 15 August 2022, revision

Squadron / Flight Safety Officer - PDF or PowerPoint - 16 Mar 2023

Region Safety Officer - 16 Mar 2023

Wing Safety Officer - 16 Mar 2023 

Downloadable Checklists

Technician Level Checklist

Senior Level Checklist

Master Level Checklist

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