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CAP Safety Tip of the Week

Risk Management: Involve Members in Safety Planning

Involving members in the safety planning process creates ownership, enhances risk assessment and mitigation, and improves real-time risk awareness.

Why this is important

When members are involved in the risk assessment process, they are more likely to feel a sense of pride or ownership in protecting people and resources. Awareness of hazards and how they can be mitigated benefits from a diverse range of perspectives, and improves the quality of the planning and execution of a mission or activity.

Do this

  • Do ask for members' inputs on the hazards, risks, and mitigation

  • Do talk to them about their role and responsibility for safety -- for themselves and each other

  • Do always encourage members to speak up immediately when they notice an unmitigated hazard

Not this

  • Don't complete risk management in a vacuum: involve others and invite their advice and feedback

  • Don't treat risk management as a "paperwork exercise."

  • Don't ignore important safety information when raised by members

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