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New Corporate Uniform

The Corporate Uniform is scheduled for phase out 1 January 2012.  Additionally, metal grade insignia and the blue nameplate and epaulets are being replaced by the standard gray devices.  For more information see the National Commander's policy letter dated 16 February 2010.


New Corporate Service Coat Approved!


At the May 2006 National Executive Committee meeting several changes to the new Corporate Uniform were approved along with the adoption of a Corporate Service Coat.  There have been several additional changes since that time that are italicized below.

This double-breasted coat may be worn by senior member officers with regular size metal grade insignia, a silver two-line name tag and CAP ribbons, badges and devices currently authorized on the Air Force Service Coat.  General officers wear one inch stars centered on the epaulet,  other senior member officers wear the grade insignia 5/8 inch from the end of the epaulet.   General officers will wear 1 1/2 inch gray braid on the sleeve.  All other senior member officers will wear 1/2 inch gray braid.  Braid will be worn 3 inches from the bottom of sleeve.

This coat will have mirror-finished Civil Air Patrol buttons and be worn with the standard "CAP" lapel insignia.  The "CAP" insignia will be worn resting on but not over the seam, 1/4 inch above the bottom edge of the collar.  The coat will be available shortly from Vanguard, CAP's official uniform supplier.



New Corporate Uniform    

Members choosing to wear either the Corporate  Service Coat or the aviator shirt and blue slacks combination must now meet the same grooming standards required for wear of the AF-style uniforms.

Cadets over 18 may also wear this uniform.  Cadets will wear the coat with the "CAP" lapel device, blue 3-line cadet name tag and grade insignia as currently authorized on the Air Force Service Coat.  Cadets will not wear braid on the sleeve.  NOTE:  Retired members are not authorized to wear this uniform.




Headgear is now mandatory with both of these uniform combinations. The CAP flight cap with the currently authorized flight cap device on the left side is now required. The flight cap device is worn centered on the left side of the cap, 1 1/2 inches from the center fold.  Senior member officers will continue to wear the flight cap with the silver and blue braid.  All others will wear the flight cap with the blue braid.  Males may also wear a CAP service cap with gray braid on the visor. This cap is currently in production and will be available from Vanguard shortly.  Females may wear the currently authorized service cap.  Senior member officers in the grade of major and above wear the service cap with clouds and lightning on the bill/band.




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