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Cadet of the Month / Quarter / Year Tracking System

Posted on 12/27/2012 at 12:00 AM by Curt LaFond

I've adopted [

the Cadet of the Month program

] for my squadron's Cadet of the Quarter & Year program.  Using the NHQ  score sheet, I've converted it to a spreadsheet for easy sharing (I share it on Dropbox) and computation. That said spreadsheet is attached as  xls and xlsx files.  I thought that CP officers and Deputy Commanders for Cadets may want to use it.  


A few notes about it:

  • There are 13 sheets in the entire workbook, the first one is a quarterly/yearly summary, the rest are by the month.
  • It only holds 20 names as distributed.  Just add rows in the summary sheet and the same number in the months sheet as necessary.  Add them in the middle of each sheet so Excel automatically copies the formulas used.
  • To add names, only add them in the summary sheet.  It auto-populates them in the rest of the months.
  • There are many formulas and a few hidden columns.  A word of caution: These are all sensitive to sorting and moving things around, so be careful in doing things if you aren't familiar with Excel.  I didn't lock anything in case someone who is Excel savvy does want to edit for more their use.

~Eric  Hudzinski, Major, CAP
CDC, MI-183

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