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Cadet Protection Basic and Advanced

Cadet Protection Basic Course (CPBC) and Cadet Protection Advanced Course

Cadet Protection Program Training is a required element of Level One and is designed to introduce new senior members, Cadet Sponsor Members, and cadets 17 and older to CAP's Cadet Protection policies.

CPPT helps ensure a healthy and safe environment for cadets while providing the foundation for a professional climate and the highest standards of behavior of all our members in leadership positions.

This training is mandatory for all senior members, Cadet Sponsor Members and cadets 18 and older; cadets of age 17 may also complete this training. Only those cadets 17 years of age or older will see the "Cadet Protection Basic Course" link in Learning Management System (LMS).

Please note that new senior members completing Level I will automatically receive credit for the Cadet Protection Basic Course once Level I drops into their record.

When logged into eServices, you will find the Cadet Protection Basic and Cadet Protection Advanced  Courses in the Learning Management System in the "Cadet Programs" area.

Please go to eServices to begin.

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