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Wing Finance Orientation Course


This course was developed by the National Headquarters wing financial analysts (WFAs).  The course content is geared toward addressing the areas that seem to cause the most confusion for individuals who are responsible for wing level finance activities.  The course content was selected based upon the questions most often fielded by the WFAs and the areas that are consistently identified as problem areas in most wings.  This course should be completed by all senior wing administrators, wing administrators and wing directors of finance.

It should be noted that it is difficult to have one course for a group of individuals with varying degrees of financial expertise.  Some people taking this course will breeze through it in effortless fashion while others may struggle with some of the content areas.  Hopefully, everybody will experience some benefit by taking this course.  Make certain you are comfortable with your understanding of the material presented.

Please take the course quiz after you have reviewed all 10 content areas.  The end-of-course quiz contains 30 questions and you have to score 80 percent or better to pass the course. 

There is not a feedback mechanism available at this time, but please send your feedback to Keith Baker at  Your feedback will be considered for improvements to this course as well as development of future courses. 

Click on the links below to access the information.

1. Internal Controls

2. Expenditure Approval

3. Accts Rec & Payable

4. Recording NHQ Income

    - E-108 Example

5. Unidentified Unit Deposits

6. Bank Reconciliations

7. Intercompany Transactions

    - Intercompany Accounting

    - Intercompany Accounting Worksheet

8. Budgeting in Quickbooks

    - Budgeting in Quickbooks Tutorial

9. Contribued Facilities & Utilities

    - Contributed Facilities Worksheet

10. Form 1099 Requirements

    - 1099 Information Request

    - 1099 Presentation

    - Form W-9


Click on the link below to access the Quiz for the Wing Finance Course.  You will be redirected to eservices and will have to log in.

Wing Finance Orientation Course Quiz (After logging in, Check that you've reviewed the material and Click on the "Start Quiz" to take the quiz.)

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