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New Unit Commanders Course Released!

CAP and the Leadership Development Working Group are pleased to announce that the revised Unit Commanders Course (UCC) is released and available for general use.  As part of the working group’s mission, the new UCC was crafted to better prepare our commanders for success.  The new course offers a college-level, active and robust learning environment which challenges the students to explore CAP squadron command individually and as teams.  In this way they can learn from one another as they apply the concepts outlined in the student readings  and offered by their instructors.

The new UCC comes in two flavors: blended and 100% online

  • The blended version (partly online and partly in-residence) of UCC employs the “flipped learning” model now used by higher education.  In this approach, the students are exposed to the material online, to include assignments to be completed,  before the face-to-face class.  This allows us to avoid “death by PowerPoint” come class time.  Rather, the face-to-face classes can focus on hands-on, interactive application of the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful commander.

  • The online UCC is available for individuals who are hard-pressed to attend a weekend face-to-face class.  The online version of UCC is designed to be engaging and interactive in the manner currently used by higher education.  The online UCC meets weekly over eight weeks, and takes approximately 45 total hours of active participation to complete. 

Feedback from those involved in the beta testing of the new UCC has been overwhelmingly positive, and the course was fine tuned based on participant and instructor feedback.  More information on the online and blended versions can be found by clicking here.

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