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Level V: Executive

Welcome to Level V !  After completing Level IV, you are prepared for Level V.

This is the highest level of CAP career development and is for those officers performing duty as commanders or staff officers. As such, only the most dedicated senior members achieve this level.

Successful completion of Level V professional development qualifies the CAP officer for the Gill Robb Wilson Award, the highest professional development award given to a senior member. The award honors an airman, poet, writer, and founder of CAP.

Should you have any questions about what you are leaning in level five please do not hesitate to talk to your mentor, unit Professional Development Officer, or unit Commander.


 1. Serve on Staff for 3 years & serve on staff for a course.

Leading and Managing. Serve on a staff in both of the following capacities:
    a. Perform in a command or staff position for a total of 3 years of service to CAP. 
    b. Serve in a director or staff member capacity in a CAP approved course (reference CAPR 50-17, Attach 4).

 2. Mentor a junior officer or NCO through the Technician Rating in a specialty track.

Leadership In Action.

 3. Complete National Staff College

Executive Leadership.Attend National Staff College (NSC) or complete its approved PME equivalent as listed in CAPR 50-17. See below for more information. 

 Other Resources

Registration is now open!

National Staff College 2019

25 April - 2 May 2019

Maxwell AFB, AL

Registration Fee: $195  (plus transportation, lodging and meals)

Deadline to apply is 1 March 2019

National Staff College (NSC) is the capstone course in professional development. It is designed for members who are, or will be, assuming positions of regional or national importance within CAP.

This college is organized by national headquarters and lasts seven days, held at Maxwell Air Force Base in beautiful Montgomery, Alabama. Fewer than 2,500 of all senior members have reached this demanding level of professional development. Are you up to the challenge?

NSC is taught by senior CAP leaders and USAF instructors from Air University, the curriculum challenges students in the areas of executive leadership, management, organizational behavior, and policy formulation. Much time is spent examining CAP's national-level operations. Students engage in seminar discussions, case studies, and exercises throughout the seven day course.

Because of the graduate-level design of NSC, as well as its focus on national-level operations, attendance at National Staff College is restricted to those members who hold the grade of Major or above for officers and CMSgt (or SMSgt with National Commander approval) for enlisted , who have completed CAP's Region Staff College (or equivalent), and who have the endorsement of their wing commander.

Click here to access the information brochure. To apply, please take the following steps:

  • Log onto eServices and access the home page.

  • On the left-hand side of the broswer, scroll down and click on the "Cadet Programs" tab

  • Choose "Registration and Payment System" sub tab

  • Under "NCSA Application," click on "Application."

  • Enter your CAPID, and click on the "search" button beside the CAPID. This should automatically start your application

  • Follow the prompts for information and be sure to click on each tab

    • Under the "Personal Information tab" ensure all the applicable blocks are completed and correct (address, contact info, etc)

    • Under the "medical" tab, ensure the required medical information is completed

    • Under the "Preferences" tab, select "National Staff College Course" from the "List of Events" window and move to the "Selected Events" window

    • Do not use the "Supplemental" tab at this time.

    • Click "Submit" in the "Review" tab.

Your completed application will be automatically be sent to the unit commander for endorsement (unit commander will check "Commander's Corner for message). It wil then be sent to the wing commander for endorsement. You will receive an e-mail notification if and when you are accepted with payment instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: When does registration open?

Answer: Registration is open now

Question: Last year, National Headquarters paid for lodging. Will this happen again this year?

Answer: We do not know if we will receive the funding for Lodging this year, and may not know until shortly before the course.

Question: After hitting the "submit" key, the form that comes up is the Form 31, not the Form 17. Is this wrong?

Answer: No, there is nothing wrong. This year we are using the NCSA registration utility, so the form generated is the Form 31. All the essential information is contained on the form for this stage of registration.

 Question: I hit the "submit" key to complete the application but the system won't accept it because I have missing personal information. How do I add the required info?

Answer: You can update your information in your eServcies profile. When you do and log back into your application (it saves your application automatically), the updated personal data will automatically populate your saved form. Then go to the "review" tab and click "Submit."

Question: I accidentally selected the "National Staff College Staff" activity. How can I change this?

Answer: Log into your application using steps 1-4 above, then click on the "Preference" tab, move the incorrectly chosen activity to "List of Events" and move the correct activity to "Selected Events". Then go to the "Review" tab and click "Submit."

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