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Officer Basic Course

CAP Officer Basic Course!

CAP Officer Basic Course (OBC) has moved to eServices 

The Civil Air Patrol Officer Basic Course (OBC), written by CAP members for CAP members, is the activity requirement for the Level II, Benjamin O. Davis Award.

General Information

The OBC, hosted on the CAP Learning Management system, is comprised of three blocks of instruction with each block examining CAP and leadership: the Personal Dimension of Leadership; the Professional Dimension of Leadership, and the Organizational Dimension of Leadership. Each block has several lessons included. Each lesson takes about 30 minutes to complete, and there is a total of 20 hours of instruction.

There is no end-of-course examination. To complete the OBC, members must successfully pass an open-book online quiz at the end of each lesson within the blocks. When all the lessons in Block 1 are complete, members move to Block 2, etc. After completing all 3 Blocks, your completion of the Officer Basic Course will be automatically recorded in eServices under your Professional Development Training.

Members will have 90 days to complete the OBC from the time they start the course. Members work individually, and can access the course at any time. Members have been able to complete the course in as little as two weeks with a large majority completing the course before the 90-day deadline. Each Block should take no more than 30 days.

Eligibility Requirements

Senior members must have completed Level 1 before they begin the OBC. 

Course Access

You must start with the Officer Basic Course Block 1.  When you complete Block 1, move to Block 2 and then Block 3.  You only have 30 days to complete each block and your time starts when you click on the course to access the material, not when you take your first test.  The course documents are below so you can study them prior to starting the course if you would like.

Course Link:  Learning Management System (LMS)

If you are having trouble accessing the course, please contact Bobbie Tourville at

To get the answers to OBC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): click here


OBC Block 1 Lessons

Intro to Followership

Leadership Traits & Styles

Group Dynamics

Team Building


Conflict Management

Problem Solving

Implementing Change

Effective Decisions

Effective Communication

Intro to Mentoring

OBC Block 2 Lessons


CAP Core Values

CAP Ethics

CAP Chain of Command

CAP Uniform Wear



PD of Senior Members

PD of Cadets

Specialty Training Tracks

AF Style Correspondence

AF Style Briefing

CAP Chaplain Corps


Discipline Versus Abuse

Cadet Protection

Resource Accountability 



OBC Block 3 Lessons

CAP Vision & Mission

CAP & USAF History

Legal Basis for CAP

Organization of CAP

Membership Categories

Accomplishing Mission

Support to Civil & Military

Inspector General System

CAP Insurance & Benefits

Recruiting & Retention

Nondiscrimination Policy 

Special thanks to the team of professionals that helped produce this course: team list

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