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On-line Courses & Exams


Most online courses and tests/quizzes for cadets and seniors are now found online in CAP's Learning Management System (LMS) in eServices. Please note however, that the 100% online and moderated SLS,CLC, and UCC have special application requirements and are hosted outside the system. For information on these courses, go into eServices and select "Online Learning." Then, apply for these courses using the online form.


Air University enlisted and officer Professional Military Education also has their own application and delivery methods. Go to the CAP's AU Distance Learning page (Students) for additional information.   




Basic Instructor Course (BIC)


Facilitated Courses (Provided by CAP)
(The links below will take you to eServices to apply) 

Squadron Leadership School (SLS)
(Must have Level 1 and be assigned to a Specialty Track to apply and there is a wait list)

Corporate Learning Course (CLC)
(Due to demand you must have SLS complete to apply and there is a wait list)

Unit Commander's Course 100% online (Due to demand you must have completed SLS to apply, and there is a wait list)

All applications will go through your Wing Commander for Approval



Operations (Courses)

Skills Evaluator Training

Operational Risk Management Courses and Exams

FEMA Courses
(This link takes you to the FEMA site)
Individual Ops Testing Status and Certifications
ARCHER or IT Specialty Track Exam records
Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) 

(This link will take you to eservices to log in)

Overwater Survival Course & Test

(This link will take you to eservices to log in)    

Operations (Exams)

Skills Evaluator Exam 

Counterdrug Orientation & Refresher
CAPT 116 pt 1 (General ES)
(This link will take you to eservices to log in)

CAPT 117 pt 1,2 & 3 (Continuing Education: training materials are linked with Exams here!)
(This link will take you to eservices to log in)

Operations Online Exam Validation Tool

Standardization & Evaluation (Courses)

The Standardization & Evaluation courses are now available on the applicable pages of the "Aircraft Operations" pages of the website.

You can get to the courses below by clicking on the following link that will take you to the "Aircraft Operations" page: Aircraft Operations

The courses include:

- Flight Release Officer Course and Exam   
- Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) Courses
- Wing Runner Course (SSF) 
- Tow Pilot Course (SSF) 
- National Check Pilot Standardization Course 
- Blanik L-23 Cockpit Familiarization 
- CAP Maule MT 7-235 Familiarization Course 
- CAP Cessna 172-R Familiarization  
- Gippsland GA-8 Airvan Familiarization 

Standardization & Evaluation (Exams)

The following exams are accessable on the Aircraft Operations page of the website or on the Learning Management System.

Aircraft Operations

Learning Management System

- CAPR 70-1, CAPF 5 Annual Examination (Powered/Glider/Balloon) 
- Orientation Pilot Endorsement Quiz-With ROTC 
- Orientation Pilot Endorsement Quiz-Without ROTC 
- Orientation Pilot Endorsement Exam - Glider 
- Maule Familiarization Course Exam 
- Wing Runner Exam (SSF/CAP)
- Tow Pilot Exam (SSF/CAP) 



Inspector General (IG) Courses

(The IG courses are located on the Learning Management System, the links will take you to eservices to log in)

Inspector General (IG) Exams

Note: The IG Senior Course Pretest is prerequisite to the in-residence course. To inquire about a course please send a message to

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