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Level Five: Executive Studies

After completing Level Four, you are set for Level Five, CAP's highest level of professional development.

To complete this level and earn the Gill Robb Wilson Award and Wilson ribbon, you will serve as a staff member in a region or national level course (or director of a wing level course), conduct a Level One Program in your squadron, serve in a staff or command assignment for at least three years (see CAPR 50-17 for details), and complete National Staff College (NSC).

This college is by invitation only from your wing commander and is limited in enrollment to CAP majors or higher grade. This college is organized by national headquarters and lasts eight days, held at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Fewer than 2,500 of all senior members have reached this demanding level of professional development. Are you up to the challenge?

NSC Shield

National Staff College is the capstone course in professional development.  It is designed for members who are, or will be, assuming positions of regional or national importance within CAP.

NSC is taught by senior CAP leaders and USAF instructors from Air University, the curriculum challenges students in the areas of executive leadership, management, organizational behavior, and policy formulation.  Much time is spent examining CAP's national-level operations.  Students engage in seminar discussions, case studies, and exercises throughout the seven day course.

Because of the graduate-level design of NSC, as well as its focus on national-level operations, attendance at National Staff College is restricted to those members who hold the grade of Major (or above), who have completed CAP's Region Staff College (or equivalent), and who have the endorsement of their wing commander.

National Staff College for 2009 will be held October 17-24, at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL, home of CAP's National Headquarters.  Travel days are October 17 and October 24. (NOTE: Class begins in the late afternoon of 17 October.)

 Tuition for the 2009 National Staff College is $150 (does not include transportation, lodging and meals). For more information, you can download the NSC 2009 brochure.

Details and application procedures are covered in CAP REGULATION 50-17, CAP SENIOR MEMBER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, dated March 2003.  A new NSC 2009 Application form will be used in lieu of the CAPF 17 this year.  Please click HERE to download the new 2009 Application.

Click here to pay your NSC 2009 registration fee online.


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