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Level II: The Learning Phase

Congratulations on completing Level 1 of the Senior Member Education and Training Program.  Welcome to Level 2.

Level 2 is focused on developing competencies for squadron and flight staff officers and developing squadron/flight-level staff officers in their role as leaders. Level 2 content is divided into “paths”, which are tailored to the prior experiences of members:

  • New (also called General) Path: Members who do not meet the requirements of the other paths

  • Professional Members: Professionals w/skills which make them eligible for advanced grade

  • Military Path: Current and Former military personnel

  • Cadet Path: Former Civil Air Patrol Cadets.

Level 2 is also divided into two parts:

  • Part 1, Which is required for promotions and many specialty tracks, is focused on broad skills such as uniforms, accountability, the chain of command and basic expectations of a squadron/flight officer.

  • Part 2, which expands on the basics, and introduces subjects such as communication in a professional setting, mentoring, and leadership development. 

Also at Level 2, many modules (classes) are required to be moderated (led by a Volunteer University Instructor).  Moderated modules may be taken Virtual In-Residence, in person, or as part of an online cohort.  You will also have access to the automated (self-paced) content in Axis upon completing Level 1.  Both the automated and moderated modules must be completed to complete the Level.

Members meeting the requirements below will receive the Benjamin O. Davis Award:


  1. Complete all modules for your path. 

  2. Choose a Specialty and earn a Technician rating in that specialty.

  3. Work with your Squadron/Flight Commander to select a Duty Position where you will begin to aid your unit directly. CAP has over 2 dozen jobs squadrons have to accomplish its mission. They are explained in CAPP 30-1.

  4. Earn the Brig Gen Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Award via online testing; This award recognizes successful completion of the Yeager test portion of the Aerospace Education Program for Senior Members (AEPSM). The test may be completed online, and the member’s record will automatically be updated reflecting completion of the AEPSM.The Yeager test is based on the Aerospace: Journey of Flight 2nd edition, which can be found on eServices under "AE Download and Resources". The Yeager test can be found on AXIS through the Learning Management System in eServices.

Link to Level 2 Module Summary Sheet- Revised 7/2023

Link to Level 2 Module Content Files


Still have questions? Contact the Level 2 Chairs! 

Level 2 Onsite Chair:Capt Vivian Surwill

Level 2 Online Chair:Capt Robert Talley  Assistant: Ch 1st Lt Charles Augustine


Specialty Track Guides

(Current as of September 2023)

For the Most Current Listings, visit CAP Pamphlets .

For CAP Position Descriptions, visit CAP Publication 30-1





Aug 18

Aerospace Education Officer Handbook


Aug 18

Aerospace Education Specialty Track Guide


Apr 21

Aircraft Maintenance Officer Guide


Oct 21

Cadet Programs Officer Handbook and Specialty Track Guide 


24 Mar 23

Chaplain Corps Handbook and Specialty Track Guide


26 Apr 21

Education and Training Officer Specialty Track Study Guide


5 Mar 18

 Emergency Services Specialty Track Guide (replaces P213)


1 Feb 21

Historian Specialty Track (Study Guide) 


15 Aug 22

Safety Officer Specialty Track Study Guide 


 30 Dec 22

 Specialty Track Study Guide - Command


15 Jan 18

Specialty Track Study Guide - Inspector General


 Nov 15

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Administration


 6 Apr 16

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Communications Officer


 22 Jun 12

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Financial Management


 14 Feb 13

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Information Technology Officer


 Jul 15

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Legal Officer


18 Apr 13

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Logistics Officer


 5 Dec 13

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Operations Officer


22 Jun 22

Specialty Track Study Guide-Personnel


 31 Oct 16

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Public Affairs Officer


 26 May 05

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Recruiting and Retention Officer


 4 Dec 17

 Specialty Track Study Guide-Standardization/Evaluation Officer

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