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Level IV: Senior Leadership Phase

Welcome to Level IV!  Now that you have completed Level III, you are equipped to start Level IV.  Level IV primarily focuses on expanding leadership skills, program development, and building a more holistic view of CAP.  Level IV prepares the member for service as a group or wing level leader who aspires to serve on staff or as a commander. 

To complete this level and earn the Paul E. Garber Award and Garber ribbon, you will become master rated in a specialty track, serve as a staff member in a wing level activity or conference, give a presentation, complete the Level IV modules, and serve in a staff or command assignment for at least two years.

Should you have any questions about what you are leaning in Level IV please do not hesitate to talk to your mentor, unit PDO/ETO, or unit Commander.


1. Master a Specialty

2. Serve on Staff

Leadership Applied. 
     a. Complete one of the following:
        1) Prepare and deliver a CAP-related presentation to a non-CAP group.
        2) Conduct a hands-on unit aerospace education program, 
            or an external aerospace education classroom program.
     b. Occupy a command or staff position for a total of 2 years of service to CAP. 
     c. Serve as a staff member at a wing level activity, conference, or as a Volunteer University instructor.

d. Serve in a staff or command assignment for at least two years.

3. Complete the Level IV modules

Increased Leadership Skills. The Level IV modules provide students with in-depth studies of management, leadership, and communications skills, and shows how CAP's missions are accomplished at the group or wing level.  Discussions, case studies, and practical exercises are integral parts of the modules.

Link to Level 4 Module Summary Sheet

Link to Level 4 Module Content Files

Link to Group Command Module Content Files


Still have questions? Contact the Level 4 Chairs! 

Level 4 Onsite Chair:  Col Jim Ridley

Level 4 Online Chair: Lt Col Dennis Edmondson  

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