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Level V: The Executive Leadership Phase

Welcome to Level V !  After completing Level IV, you are prepared for Level V.  The primary focus in Level V is on developing a strategic view of the organization and continued leadership skills. Level V focuses on developing the region or national level leader who aspires to serve on staff or as a commander.

This is the highest level of CAP career development and is for those officers performing duty as commanders or staff officers at the region or national level. As such, only the members most dedicated to advancing their education and training complete this level.

Successful completion of Level V of the Education and Training Program qualifies the CAP officer for the Gill Robb Wilson Award, the highest education and training award earned by a senior member. The award honors an airman, poet, writer, and founder of CAP.

Should you have any questions about what you are leaning in Level V please do not hesitate to talk to your mentor, unit PDO/ETO, or unit Commander.


 1. Serve on Staff for 3 years (one at the group level or higher) & serve on staff for a course.

Leading and Managing. Serve on a staff in both of the following capacities:
    a. Perform in a command or staff position for a total of 3 years of service to CAP with one year being at the group level or higher. 
    b. Serve in a director or staff member capacity in a CAP approved course (reference CAPR 40-1).  This is in addition to the staff service in Level IV.

 2. Mentor a junior officer or NCO through the Technician Rating in a specialty track.

Leadership In Action.


3.  Complete the Level V modules.


Link to Level 5 Module Summary Sheet

Link to Level 5 Module Content Files

Link to Region Command Module Content Files


Still have questions? Contact the Level 5 Chairs! 

Level 5 Onsite Chair:  Lt Col Larry Julian

Level 5 Online Chair: Lt Col Chris Branan

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