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Program Overview

The mentor provides a trusted partnership and professional relationship with mentees in order to advance their professional development. This relationship also enhances their CAP experience, and helps reduce the time needed to accelerate their contributions and reach their goals and objectives. Mentors also provide a critical role in helping mentees navigate through their professional development training and facilitate opportunities for mentees to gain new experiences to build their skillset.

Mentors serve as advisors, teachers, guides, counselors and motivators to their mentee. They also serve in the role of coach and role model. (See CAPP 40-7, part 6 for detailed description on these roles). Through the mentor-mentee relationship, the mentee can be guided by their mentor to greater opportunities and experiences by opening doors to service that they may not have previously realized.

It is expected that mentors will bring their experience and passion to the mentee relationship to motivate the member to succeed and continue to pursue their goals.

Mentors will exemplify CAP’s Core Values of Integrity, Excellence, Volunteer Service, and Respect. As a mentor you must be willing to invest yourself, your knowledge, and your skills in a member of Civil Air Patrol to make a profound difference in their CAP careers, their lives, and maybe even your own!

Welcome to the webpage for Civil Air Patrol's mentorship program! In the coming months, this site will be updated with new content providing more information about the program, its features, and how you will engage with it as a member.


Director of Mentoring - Col Rose Hunt

Assistant Director of Mentoring- Col James Ridley

Mentor/Mentee Pairing Manager- Lt Col Michael Willis

Mentor/Mentee Database Manager- Lt Col Dan Roman

Mentor Registration and Evaluations Manager- Maj Shannon Brumfield

Mentor Continuing Education and Training Manager- CMSgt Cory Felts

Mentoring Leadership Development Manager- Col Jim Ridley


Mentor Information

Are you someone who has a passion in developing people and sharing your knowledge and experience? Consider becoming a mentor! Mentors will specialize in Education and Training, Specialty Tracks, Emergency Services, and General Mentoring and will be individually matched to mentees. Mentors will have the option to mentor one mentee or one group of mentees.

Mentee Information

Do you have a positive attitude about learning, are you open to feedback, and are you willing to accept new challenges? Consider signing up to be a mentee! Mentees will be able to choose to have a mentor that will specialize in Education and Training, Specialty Tracks, Emergency Services, or General Mentoring. Mentees can either be paired with one other mentor or be in a group of other mentees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question? Check the Frequently Asked Questions document.

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