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Mentoring Wing Command Seminar



About this Seminar

The purpose of this seminar is to provide information to those members of the Civil Air Patrol who are interested in being a Wing Commander.  The seminar will be presented on two Saturdays in March.  Each day will consist of a variety of topics important to the success of being a Wing Commander including wing and CAP/NHQ department interactions.
Those who attend the seminar will hear from experienced current and former Wing Commanders, Region Commanders and National Staff on a broad array of topics.  Each day will conclude with a panel discussion comprised of current and former Wing Commanders who will discuss the day's topics and answer any questions.  Those considering applying for a wing commander position will be assisted in assessing their development needs and then be paired with the right mentor to guide them if requested.

Several topics will be eligible for VolU Level IV & Level V credit.

Lecturers Include:
Maj Gen Mark Smith, Brig Gen Edward Phelka, Col Rose Hunt, Col Ed Burns, Col Jack Ozer, Col Cheryl Fielitz-Scarbrough, Col Celeste Gamache, Chaplain (Col) John Murdoch, Lt Col Kyle Fransdal CAP-USAF, Col Bryan Cooper, Lt Col Karen Cooper, SMSgt Cory Felts , CAP-NHQ Department Heads, current and former wing commanders.

Registration Information

Registration will be open for the entire month of February. Priority will be given to senior members based on the following:

  1. Members who meet the minimum requirements for Wing Commander

  2. Grade of CAP Major or above (if space is available, senior Captains will be considered)

  3. Past Squadron or Group Commanders

  4. Those from wings within 2 years of a Wing Commander Change

The seminar will be capped at 50 participants. To register online, click here


UNIFORM: Participants please be dressed in an appropriate CAP uniform. CAP corporate polo is acceptable. NO FLIGHT SUITS.  

Seminar Files


For further information please email the seminar chair, Col James A. Ridley at




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