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Virtual In-Residence Program


Virtual In-Residence Program (ViR)


What is Virtual In-Residence?

The Virtual In-Residence (ViR) program is one of the two "in-person" options for Level 2 and Level 3 modules in Civil Air Patrol's Education and Training program.  Virtual In-Residence provides members the opportunity to complete the moderated modules from home via a virtual classroom with an authorized Volunteer University Instructor. 

Please note that, though our classes are taught on virtual platforms, the Virtual In-Residence program does not use cohorts. Cohorts are only used by students taking online modules through Axis.  Cohorts are NOT required for VIR classes. We cannot assist with questions about cohorts.

If you have questions regarding cohorts, contact your cohort instructor or the online chair for the level in which you are working.


ViR Administrative Staff 

General Inquiries: Virtual In-Residence Team

ViR Coordinator: Capt Brenda Morrissey

ViR Student Services Coordinator: 1st Lt Jennifer Kluzak

ViR Registration Coordinator: SM Thomas Chu

ViR Coordinator for Squadron Commander's Course: Capt Stephen Littlewood

ViR Instructor Support Team: 1st Lt Julie Moses  &   CMSgt Mark Lahan


Interested in Teaching with ViR?

Authorized Volunteer University Instructors may request to teach for ViR.  Please complete the VIR Instructor Interest Form and one of our team will contact you to get you set up. To become an authorized Instructor, visit Volunteer University and follow the steps.

Virtual In-Residence Calendar

ViR Modules can be found at Education & Training Calendar.  Note that the ViR Offerings will say "VIR" followed by the Level of the Module or SCC for Squadron Commander's Course Modules. 

There is a link in the calendar event to register provided seats remain available, and please use the registration form to register for all the modules you wish to attend. Times on the registration form are in Eastern time.



  1. No member may be given credit for modules in any level after their current level in the Education and Training Program. Please select the right modules for your level and path (in Level 2).

  2. Modules marked "Registration Closed" are either within 72 hours or have reached capacity.

  3. ViR Modules are scheduled and posted in a semester format:

    • Winter January-March (Posted on or before December 20th)

    • Spring April-June (Posted on or before March 20th)

    • Summer July-September (Posted on or before June 20th)

    • Fall October-December (Posted on or before September 20th)

Virtual In-Residence Student Expectations

To be awarded credit for a module, students are expected to:

  1. Arrive in the virtual classroom on time in an approved Civil Air Patrol Uniform. 

  2. Participate with cameras and microphones enabled.  If you need technical assistance, please contact the ViR Administrative Team no later than 3 pm (Eastern) the day of the course for weekday modules or by 3 pm (Eastern) the Friday before weekend modules. 

  3. *Waivers of the above expectations may be requested by emailing the ViR Administrative Team prior to the module start time.*

  4. Read the Study Guides and other supplemental material prior to the module.  These links will download all the materials for the level, including student guides, instructor guides, PowerPoint presentations, and supplemental reading/assignments.  Some modules have prework or homework assignments that must be completed for credit to be awarded.

    1. Level 1 Materials

    2. Level 2 Materials

    3. Level 3 Materials

    4. Squadron Commander's Course Materials

    5. Level 4 Materials

  5. Registered students must withdraw at least 72 hours before any module they cannot attend, using the Disenrollment Form.  Any absence not meeting this requirement will be considered unapproved.  A member with 3 or more unapproved absences may be prevented from enrolling in future VIR courses. Withdrawing from courses early allows us to give seats to other members on the waitlist.

ViR Module Access & Troubleshooting

  1. Registered Students and students on the waitlist who are given a seat will receive a Google Calendar Invitation at the email used to register with the platform link and any additional information needed to access the module. Invitations will be sent by NOON the day before the module is scheduled

  2. Students should only use the link located in the LOCATION field on the invitation.  At times, Google Calendar also provides a Google Meet link automatically. 

  3. Registered Students who do not receive the module access information by NOON the day before the course must request the link before 3 pm (Eastern) the day of the course for weekday modules or by 3 pm (Eastern) the Friday before weekend modules by emailing VIR Administrative Team the day of the course to ensure VIR Staff have time to send the information.

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