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Rocky Mountain Region Supplements and OIs


The following have been approved in accordance with CAPR 1-2 Publications Management.

* Supplements to CAPR 62-2 containing member's personally identifiable information will not be linked.

Previously approved supplements and OIs that have not been recertified in the last 12 months are not valid IAW CAPR1-2 para 8.3.4.

Rocky Mountain Region

OI18-1  24 Sep 18  Travel  Operating Instruction  RMR-001
OI18-2  27 Mar 18  Credit Cards  Operating Instruction  RMR-001
R60-1  20 Jun 17  CAP Flight Management  RMR-001  


R1-2  1 Dec 17  Publications Management  Waiver  CO-001
R60-3  13 May 18 Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services Training And Operational Missions  Supplement 1  CO-001
R62-2  15 Nov 17  Mishap Reporting and Review  Supplement  CO-001 Recertified 29 Nov 18
R66-1  3 Dec 17  CAP Aircraft Maintenance Management  CO-001  Recertified 8 Jan 19
R70-1 31 Dec 18 CAP Flight Management Supplement 1  CO-001 
R77-1 13 Sep 18  Transportation Supplement 1 CO-001  


R66-1  8 Jan 19  CAP Aircraft Maintenance Management  ID-001


R173-1  5 Nov 17  Financial Procedures and Accounting  OI  MT-001 


R62-2  25 May 18  Mishap Reporting and Review Supplement  UT-001
R66-1  2 Mar 18   CAP Aircraft Maintenance Management  Supplement 1 UT-001
R173-1 1  May 18  Financial Procedures and Accounting  Supplement 1  UT-00


R62-2  27 Jan 19  Mishap Reporting and Review Supplement  WY-001 









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