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Indexes, Regulations and Manuals

Regulations revised during Publications Reengineering are available on the Regulations for Preview page for 30 days prior to their effective date.

The Publications Reengineering process will cause duplication of regulation numbering until all regulations are rewritten.  When duplication occurs, an (I) will follow the old regulation number indicating the number is effective only in the interim.

 Acrobat Reader is required to view online publications. Click the link for a free download of the latest version of Acrobat Reader .

Note:  Shaded areas identify new or revised material.

Interim Change Letters are now attached to the front of the related regulation.

Note: Indexes, regulations and manuals are available online only.

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Index 0-2
7 Nov 18
Numerical Index of CAP Regulations, Manuals and Pamphlets
1 May 15
Numerical Index of CAP Forms, Test Material, and Certificates
15 Mar 12
Ethics Policy
7 Nov 16
Publications Management (Replaces CAPR 5-4)   
       Frequently Asked Questions for CAPR 1-2 Publications Management (Updated 3 Apr 17)
       Publication Templates        Email Signature Block (Cut and Paste version) 
3 Apr 12
Personally Identifiable Information
26 Dec 12
Disclosure of Confidential Information by Volunteer Members
20 Jun 13
Conflict Of Interest
16 Feb 11
Files Maintenance and Records Disposition (Includes Change 1, 15 Mar 12) 
26 Jan 09
Administrative Authorizations 
 7 Oct 19
Inspector General Program

22 Oct 19
Complaint Resolution (CORRECTED COPY) (ICL 20-01, 2 March 2020 incorporated)

8 Nov 02
Charters and Other Organization Actions
5 Aug 19
Inspections (Replaces CAPR123-3) with Coronavirus Waiver
Waiver; ICL
13 Jan 20
Organization of Civil Air Patrol
4 Jun 15
Assignment and Duty Status
27 Dec 12
Notification Procedures in Case of Death, Injury or Serious Illness
27 Dec 12
Membership Termination (Includes Change 1, 4 Sep 13, Interim Change Letter 16 Nov 15)
27 Dec 12
Overseas Cadet Squadrons (Includes ICL 18-07, 21 Sep 18)
22 Nov 16
CAP Officer and NCO Appointments and Promotions (Includes ICL 19-08 2 Dec 19)
23 Jan 15
Operations Ratings, Awards and Badges
13 Sep 16
Membership Action Review Panel
1 Aug 17
Board of Governors and Region and Wing Region Commander Selection Procedure
 (Corrected Copy)
R36-1 4 Aug 16

Civil Air Patrol Nondiscrimination Program
Annual Nondiscrimination Policy Memo

R36-2 13 Dec 12 Complaints Under The Civil Air Patrol Nondiscrimination Policy IGC
R39-1  5 Mar 20 Civil Air Patrol Uniform Regulation DP
R39-2  9 Jan 17 Civil Air Patrol Membership (Corrected Copy) DP
28 Dec 12
Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates (ICL18-02 and ICL19-02 
attached but not incorporated)
R40-2 1 Jan 18

Testing Administration and Security with Coronavirus waiver


R50-1 1 May 18 Aerospace Education Mission AE
R50-4 25 Oct 12 Test Administration and Security
  (replaced by R 40-2, Testing Administration and Security 1 Jan 18)
R50-17 4 Jun 15 CAP Senior Member Professional Development Program, Waiver 20-03 incorporated PD
R50-20 15 Mar 04 Rescinded CAP Model Rocketry Program (Refer to R50-1 Aerospace Education Mission 1 May 18) AE
R60-1 1 Nov 19

Cadet Program Management  (ICL 20-02, 13 March 2020 Incorporated) Coronavirus waiver 20-01Curry Uniform Waiver 20-02; Mitchell and Eaker Award Requirements Waiver 20-05

R60-2 1 Nov 19 Cadet Protection Program CP
R60-2(I) 12 Dec 12 Pilot Flight Clinics DO
R60-3 26 Dec 12 CAP Emergency Services Training and Operational Missions DO
  R60-3   Task guides are available electronically for all specialties at Ops under ES Curriculum DOS DO
R60-5 3 Nov 06 Critical Incident Stress Management DO
R60-6 26 Dec 12 CAP Counterdrug Operations DO
R66-1 14 Sep 15 CAP Aircraft Maintenance Mgmt (ICL 17-06 28 Jul 2017  and18-04 14 Jun 2018 Incorporated) LGM
R70-1 31 Mar 20 CAP Flight Management DO
R70-1(I) 1 Oct 13 Rescinded CAP Acquisition Regulation  LGC
R76-1 26 Dec 12 Civil Air Patrol Member Movement via Military Aircraft DO
R77-1 26 Dec 12 Operation and Maintenance of CAP Vehicles (Includes Change 1, 13 Mar 13) LGT
R100-1 6 Apr 16 Radio Communications Management DOK
R100-3 6 Apr 16 Radiotelephone Operations DOK
R111-1 5 Sep 13 Qualifications and Duties of Legal Officers GC
R111-2 26 Dec 12 Memorandum of Understanding GC
R112-9 26 Dec 12 Claims, Demands, and Legal Actions for or Against the CAP, The USAF, and the US GC
R112-10 29 Oct 12 Indemnification (Corrected Copy) GC
R120-1  1 Oct 17 Information Technology Security (Includes ICL 18 July 2019) IT
R147-1 19 May 10 Army and Air Force Exchange Privileges of CAP Members DP
R160-1(I) 3 Jun 13 Operation of the CAP Health Service Program DO
R160-1 1 Nov 19 Civil Air Patrol Safety Program (Corrected Copy) SE
R160-2 30 Sep 19 Safety Reporting and Review SE
R173-1 15 Nov 12 Financial Procedures and Accounting (Includes ICL 17-02  15 Mar 2017) FM
R173-3 1 Oct 15 Payment for Mission Support  (Includes ICL 18-08, ICL 19-07, and ICL 19-09) DO
R173-4 16 Dec 14 Fund Raising/Donations COD
26 Dec 12

Property Management and Accountability (Includes Change 1, 30 Sep 13;Change 2, 5 Feb 14 and Change 3, 20 Feb 14, Change 4, 12 Apr 19)

R190-1  16 Nov 16 Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs Program (Corrected 24 Jan 17)   (Social Media Guidelines (CAPP 152) PA
R210-1 2 Aug 12 The Civil Air Patrol Historical Program HO
R210-3 23 Dec 15 Civil Air Patrol Historical Repositories HO
R265-1 3 Apr 15 The Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps HC
R265-2 5 Feb 13 The Covenant and Code of Ethics for Chaplains of the Civil Air Patrol HC
R280-2 3 Jun 14 Rescinded CAP Aerospace Education Mission (Replaced by R50-1 1 May 18 AE
R900-2 31 Dec 12 Civil Air Patrol Name, Seal, Logo, Command Emblem and Flag Etiquette PA
R900-3 15 Aug 12 Firearms and Assistance to Law Enforcement Officials GC
R900-5 26 Dec 12 Civil Air Patrol Insurance/Benefits Program GC


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