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Publications Templates

Templates And Template Instructions

References CAP Regulation 1-2 Publications Management and CAP Pamphlet 1-2 Effective Communications)


Title Regulation Type
  Accession Log Template HO  Template
  Business Card  DA  Template
  Financial Management Procedure (OI)  (updated Aug 18)  FM  Template
  Financial Management Procedure (Supplement)  FM  Template
  Letter - Business Style with Letterhead  DA  Template
  Letter - Business Style with Letterhead - NHQ USE  DA  Template
  Letter - Business Style without Letterhead  DA  Template
  Letter - Chaplain Support Request   DA  Template
  Letter - Memorandum Style with Letterhead  DA  Template
  Letter - Memorandum Style with Letterhead - NHQ USE  DA  Template
  Letter - Memorandum Style without Letterhead  DA  Template
  Letter - Military Support Authorization (CAPID)  DA  Template
  Letter - Military Support Authorization (SSN)  DA   Template
  Letter - Participation  DA  Template
  Letter - Transportation Authorization (Military O-Flight CAPID) (updated Aug 18)  DA  Template
  Letter - Transportation Authorization (Military O-Flight SSN)   (updated Aug 18)  DA  Template
  Letter - Transportation Authorization (Point to Point CAPID) (updated Aug 18)  DA  Template
  Letter - Transportation Authorization (Point to Point SSN) (updated Aug 18)  DA  Template
  Operating Instruction Template Instructions (updated Aug 18)  DA  Instruction
  Operating Instruction Template  (updated Feb 21)  DA  Template
  Operating Instruction Historian Repository Template  HO  Template
  Pamphlet Template Instructions  DA  Instruction
  Pamphlet Template  DA  Template
  Paper - Background Paper Template  DA  Template
  Paper - Bullet Paper Template  DA  Template
  Paper - Point Paper Template  DA  Template
  Paper - Talking Paper Template  DA  Template
  Personnel Authorization (PA) Template  DA  Template
  Regulation Interim Change Letter Template (updated Aug 18)  DA  Template
  Regulation Template Instructions  DA  Instruction
  Regulation Template  (updated Aug 18)  DA Template
  Supplement Template Instructions     DA  Instruction
  Supplement Template (updated Mar 19)  DA  Template
  Waiver Request (Regulation) Template  DA  Template
  Waiver Request (Supplement) Template  DA  Template
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