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Visual Aids

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Visual Aids

Visual Aid Date Title OPR
VA 35-301 Nov 19 Commanders Guide to Membership Termination GC
VA 35-302 Nov 19 Commanders Guide to Termination Appeal Boards GC
VA 60-100 May 23 Cadet Super Chart  Full Size CP
VA 60-100 May 23 Cadet Super Chart 2 Letter-Size Sheets CP
VA 60-101 Dec 21 Personal Cadet Tracker Home Printer Version Phases I-IV CP
VA 60-101a Jun 23 Personal Cadet Tracker - Phase I & II CP
VA 60-101b Jun 23 Personal Cadet Tracker - Phase III & IV CP
VA 60-102 Feb 18 Cadet Programs Fact Sheet CP
VA 60-103 Nov 19 Cadet 101 for Strategic Audiences CP
VA 60-104 Oct 23 Cadet Protection Policy Poster CP
VA 60-105 Oct 23 Cadet Wingman Poster CP
VA 60-106 Oct 23 Cadet Flight Plan Poster CP
VA 60-107 Oct 23 Core Values Poster CP
VA 60-109 May 20 Cadet Program Logic Model CP
VA 60-110 Nov 19 Cadet Heritage CP
VA 60-111 Mar 23 Training Intensity Watch-Out List CP
VA 60-112 Aug 20 Cadet KPIs CP
VA 60-114 Nov 22 Cadet Financial Assistance Trifold CP
CAPVA 60-115a Jan 24 Lead2Change (portrait) CP
CAPVA 60-115b Jan 24 Lead2Change (landscape) CP
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