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Wingman Support Day

October 2019

Wingman Support Day.

The National Commander has identified resiliency and suicide prevention as an area where we will focus our efforts to come up with a plan and a program to support our members and their families.

Each October, CAP prepares materials for an annual Wingman Support Day. This year our focus is on the Pillar of the Body, our physical wellness. Presenters are encouraged to send questions to the committee members listed in the Operations Order (link in the sidebar).

Presenter Familiarization Webinar

Presenters are welcome to watch the presenter training webinar held on 15 September 2019. It can be accessed via the Go-To-Webinar portal (requires registering for the webinar on the site).


You will find the following primary documents attached to this page:

  • 2019 Wingman Support Day Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • 2019 Wingman Support Day Presentation (PDF version, for those who can't use PowerPoint)
  • 2019 Wingman Support Day Lesson Plan with Attachments


The supporting documents for this year's Wingman Support Day presentation are:

  • Ask, Care, Escort Cards
  • General Stretches Handout
  • Healthy Ingredient Swap Booklet
  • Participant Survey
  • Presenter Tally Sheet
  • Sleep Card Game Sleep for Kids - Teaching Kids the Importance of Sleep
  • Sleeping Tips Tricks from the National Sleep Foundation
  • Wellness Schedule - Senior Member Breaktime Options Handout

Presenter Survey

Presenters should use the link below to submit the information from their audience survey tally sheet: 

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