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The Air Force Association's Air Museum Initiative

Preserving Aviation History and Educating Future Aerospace Leaders










Yanks Museum, Chino, CA, Educator Workshop 

In an effort to address America's need to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects and careers, the Air Force Association has begun a quest to assist air museums across the country in expanding community outreach, especially through youth and educator initiatives. In the quest, AFA chapter members are connecting with local aviation/space and/or military aviation museums to promote the historical contributions and future importance of aerospace to our nation.

All areas of aviation---general, commercial, and military---need public interest and support to sustain and grow. Most importantly, is the need to continue the inspiration, funding, and national support of development of future air power for the security of our country. Aviation museums hold the treasures to stimulate an interest in aviation history and future aerospace careers.

The AFA has about 250 chapters across the country comprised of members who may be interested in aviation history. AFA member volunteers can be excellent museum docents, can work in aircraft restoration, and can assist in community and educational outreach events to expand museum visitor attendance and support.

When AFA members connect with museums in educational outreach initiatives for youth/educators/public, they are fulfilling a major goal of the AFA to educate, advocate, and provide support for aerospace/STEM education and careers. Thus, the partnership between AFA chapter members and aerospace museums is mutually beneficial.

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  • Click HERE to view and download/copy an AFA Museum Initiative brochure for use in promoting the program.
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  • If you cannot travel to museums, click HERE to take virtual tours of 118 air and space museums others have visited. Just click on any museum of interest, and see what's inside!
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