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Free CAP AE Memberships for AFA Chapter STEM ED Outreach



CAP offers two free Aerospace Education memberships for AFA chapters to use to promote and perpetuate STEM education in their local communities.  

  1. Each AFA Chapter Teacher of the Year is provided a complimentary membership to add to other TOY award components.   

  2. Any educator or youth program leader working with the AFA or attending an AFA teacher workshop can be provided a complimentary AE membership. (This is intended for educators the chapter can directly support in the classroom or youth program- with a good number of students who will be impacted. This is not to be used for many teachers; just teachers the chapter will actually support.) 

Contact for special free Program Code for each category.  

What is the benefit of AFA chapters offering free CAP Aerospace Education Memberships to local educators?

These free educator membership opportunities provide an easy and no-cost manner for AFA chapters to share aerospace education to the public and promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects and careers to the youth of America.  With CAP AE memberships, educators and leaders of youth organizations are provided FREE resources and benefits as described on CAP's Educators Page.  Those benefits include:

  • over 40 national academic standards-based aerospace education products available for grades K-12, to include a full color 675-page hard-cover high school aerospace textbook;

  • online AE resources to include satellite imagery, robotics, cyber security, and R/C aircraft programs;

  • K-6 Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program (see how AFA chapters can support this program HERE);

  • K-12 Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) Award program;

  • Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) flights at local airports; and 

  • selection of free K-12 STEM Kits using astronomy, flight simulators, robotics, rocketry, coding, engineering, weather, unmanned aerial systems, and much more!


AFA Cape Canaveral Chapter 309 use of CAP curriculum to conduct long-distance virtual lesson during COVID-19 about Uncle Wiggly Wings; Col Gail Halvorsen. 

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