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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

CAP is dedicated to enriching an organizational culture built on inclusion of and appreciation for all diverse populations in our country. As opportunities and special events and months arise, CAP Aerospace Education will provide information, events, lessons, and programs to highlight diversity in CAP and our nation, specifically focusing on aerospace-related STEM diversity. 

  • Check out the left menu column for lessons designed to recognize and promote various groups which CAP is proud to support. 

  • Some examples of CAP DEI&B educational efforts are listed below. 

Tuskegee Airmen Middle School Book 


  • The book features the historical legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, their varied careers in aviation, and associated STEM activities to engage the learner is an online product found in the CAP member portal, eServices/Aerospace Education/AE Downloads and Resources.

  • A sample lesson about General Chappie James is found HERE. 

  • Check out CAP's vintage Chappie James booklet HERE


Female Pilot Awareness Program:

  1. See sample lesson,  Women in Aviation Volume I, Lesson 5- Katherine Cheung, first U.S. female Asian-American pilot 

  2. See sample lesson from Vol II: Lesson 1-  Emily Howell Warner, first woman permanent pilot of a scheduled U.S. passenger airline.



Career Exploration Virtual Panel Events

  • Space Careers Virtual Panel Event

The second part of the CAP-USAF, CAP Diversity, and CAP Aerospace Education career series is Space Careers.

The first event (14 April, 2021) included a variety of space panelists, HERE.  

A dedicated page to CAP space lessons and resources is found HERE.

See CAP.NEWS article HERE.


  • Pictured above, one Space Careers panelist, Capt Ron Nguyen, shown after swearing in as Aide-de-Camp for General John W. Raymond, 1st Chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force. 


  • USAF Female Pilot Virtual Panel Discussions

The first series, Female USAF Pilots, has concluded. The following video is a compilation of all 8 Regional virtual panel discussions.  Diversity & Inclusion Series: CAP-USAF Female Pilot Panel Video


Upcoming series or events are forthcoming on this topic.


Past event fliers, with information about each pilot and a hyperlink to the planes they fly:

PCR 23 September 2020 

RMR 9 September 2020

SWR 26 August 2020

NCR 12 August 2020

SER 29 July 2020

GLR 15 July 2020

NER 1 July 2020

MAR- 17 June 2020

VA Wing- 13 May 2020


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