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Women's History Lessons

A number of Civil Air Patrol lessons highlight the achievements of women in aviation and space fields. We have listed several below with links to each lesson.

Two of CAP's curriculum books, "Women in Aviation Volumes I and II", are devoted to telling the stories of 25 women air and space pioneers. "Women in Aviation Volume 2," (featured in the above video) is an extension of the first volume, which highlighted the contributions women have made in aviation and space fields since the beginning of the 20th century. The second volume begins with accomplishments from the 1960s and '70s. Project Manager Lt. Col. Randy Carlson (California Wing), focused on the stories of 25 diverse women, each representing a different chapter. Each chapter involves model-building relating to the aircraft or spacecraft the chapter's subject worked on. Also included with the hands-on activities are discussion questions and other activities designed to connect these pioneers from the past with today's youth. For instance, cadets and students are asked to explore present-day gender barriers that have recently been broken or have not yet been broken. The books align with national academic standards and highlight a wide variety of careers. Currently, these books are available in the AE Downloads and Resources section, along with our other curriculum products in CAP's member portal, eServices, at

The hope is that these women and lessons inspire the next generation of aerospace/STEM professionals.

Examples of CAP Women's History Lessons
Pilot Harriet Quimby AEX II (2020 edition), Activity Three; Women in Aviation Volume I, Chapter Two
Pilot Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart Activity Booklet
Pilot Nancy Hopkins Tier Women in Aviation, Volume I, Chapter 4
Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan Women in Aviation, Volume II, Chapter 11
Pilot Nicole Malachowski Women in Aviation, Volume II, Chapter 13


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