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AE Achievement Award

The Aerospace Education Achievement Award recognizes squadrons who have excelled in AE for the fiscal year.

  • Criteria for this award may be found in CAPR 50-1, attachment 5.
  • The award occurs at the end of each FY (September 30) based on criteria performed throughout the year.
  • Criteria are pre-populated by information provided on the AE Activity Report.
    • To earn the Squadron AE Achievement Award, a squadron must perform eight of the tasks listed on the Achievement Award Requirements. This information may be found in eServices > Aerospace Education > AE POA and Activity Report.
    • Tasks 1, 2, 3 and 4 are required to qualify for the award.
    • Squadrons must achieve at least one task from each of the AE internal and external task areas.
  • The wing commander receives the AE Achievement Award report and should send an email to each squadron winner. The wing administrator has permission to download the certificate. Each wing may choose how and when to present award certificates.




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