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AEO Resources

Welcome to the Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) Resource site.  This site's left menu bar provides resources and links that relate directly to the positions of AEOs and DAEs, especially as relates to the External AE Program. 

  • For a very general overview of the AE Program, to include internal and external programs, please visit the AE Programs page.

  • For an excellent overview of the AEM program, use SC Wing's Lt Robert Roberts' AEM Program video!

Below is a video overview of how CAP member outreach and cadet outreach with educators and youth help the AE mission.


  • For quick AE outreach links, the following should be helpful!

AE Outreach Suggestions:

Educational Outreach Fliers:

NEW: 12-page brochure highlighting CAP's free benefits to AEMs.

Click to download the Aerospace Education and STEM Kit Flier. (has AEM info on front and all STEM Kits on the back)

Click to download a brochure of AE Curriculum material.

Click to download a K-6 Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program info flier.

Click to download an AE and Youth Development Programs tri-fold brochure. (Can add local contact information.)

Click and download an AE and Youth Development Programs tri-fold brochure with CAP NHQ/AE contact info.

Click to download the Aerospace Curriculum Index, which shows how CAP products and programs can be used across disciplines.

Click to download a double cadet programs info card page (to copy and use in outreach when CAP's marketing items are out of stock; this is not the new cadet item made by marketing). 

AE's CAP Paper Airplane 

If the AE paper airplane is needed for classroom or squadron instruction, it can be downloaded and printed.

If more paper airplanes are needed for outreach purposes, go to eServices/Logistics/Material Orders/Order Request/Aerospace Education .

AE and CAP Pull-up Banners for Exhibitions (sent to each Wing DAE March 2022 but new ones with new logo found below):

  • AE banner (pdf file updated with new CAP logo in 2023)

  • CAP banner (pdf file updated with new CAP logo in 2023)

NOTE:  If any extra banners are desired, this template can be sent to the local print shop. TAKES A WHILE to download.  

PowerPoint Presentation for AEM Recruitment:

  • CAP Overview for AEMs . (Takes a while to download, but can be revised and personalized, as desired.)

  • --> A quicker pdf version of the CAP Overview for AEMs is found HERE.

  • If YOU have a great AEO presentation for us to consider posting, please send to

Sample AE Workshop Certificate:

PDF Fillable Sample Workshop Certificate

Word Doc For Personalized Use

Lessons for AE Workshops:

Ship the Chip- from Robotics Book    

Milky Way Fractions from 6th grade ACE 

Space Chariot Racing Around Mars Using STEM Kits, Sphero and Renewable Energy     



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