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AEO School


The 18th annual National AEO School was livestreamed June 4 and 5. The above video was created as a "Thank You" to our AEOs from the cadets. You can view it in the course recording (see instructions below) or by clicking the above link.

The AEO School 2021 course is available to AEOs who were not registered for the live course. You must enroll in this course through AXIS/LMS to have access. Here are the enrollment and credit instructions:

1) Log in to eServices here:
2) This will take you to our Learning Management System Page (LMS). You can also access this page by logging into your account in eServices, then click Menu > Online Learning > Learning Management System.
3) Click the "Go To AXIS" button at the top of the page. This will take you to our new AXIS/LMS portal. If you have not logged in before, there may be some prompts to complete.

4) Once in the new AXIS/LMS portal, you should have tiles or "courses" to choose from. If you are not already enrolled in the "AEO School 2021" Online Training, you will need to add/register for it:

5) Click on "Start" under "AEO School 2021." Please note that this button will change to "Continue" after you have logged in at least one time to the course.
6) This will open a new page like the one below: 

Screen shot of AEO School  resources in LMS

7) Click each tab to find the resources related to that specific topic:

Screen Shot of online AEO School course tabs

8) You now have access to all the resources related to National AEO School.

How to receive credit for the course

  • In order to receive credit for the school, complete the AEO School Evaluation and Course of Completion Acknowledgement under the Evaluation Tab in the AEO School 2021 Course in AXIS/LMS. 
  • Be sure to select “Close” at the bottom of the screen after submitting your evaluation for AXIS/LMS to recognize you have completed the evaluation.
  • Once the AEO School Evaluation and Course of Completion Acknowledgement have been submitted, you will automatically receive credit under training in eServices for completing the course.
  • Completing the AEO School Evaluation and Course of Completion Acknowledgement will log the course as complete causing it to be removed from your main course list.
  • The course and all resources can still be accessed and will be shown in your Completed Courses.  






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