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Available AE Awards for Individuals and Units

Squadrons, groups, wings, and regions are encouraged to work toward and achieve recognition and awards for the units themselves, or for individuals.  The following are the current AE awards for:

  1. Squadrons

  2. Squadron AEOs

  3.  AEOs, Cadets, and Individuals/Organizations Associated with CAP


1- Squadron AE Awards:


2- Squadron AEO Achievements:


3- INDIVIDUAL AEROSPACE EDUCATION AWARDS for AEOs, Cadets, Individuals/Organizations:

a- Nominated from Squadrons and/or Groups- first level of nominations due to wing by 15 January each year

b- Selected and presented at the wing, region, and national levels (according to guidelines for each award)




The 2021 Maj Gen Jeanne Holm National AEO is Capt Robert (Bob) Roberts of the Greenville Composite Squadron and South Carolina Wing Director of Aerospace Education.  Read about Capt Roberts HERE. (And check out his awesome AE YouTube Channel with over 80 amazing AE lessons and interviews!) 


The 2021 National Frank G. Brewer National Memorial Aerospace Awardee, Sr Member category, is Capt Burton Dicht, of the Phoenix Composite Squadron, NY Wing. Read about Capt Dicht HERE


The 2021 National Frank G. Brewer Memorial Aerospace Awardee, Cadet category, is Cadet Lt Col Ryan Porter, from the AK Wing Read about Cadet Porter HERE


The 2021 AFA National CAP Aerospace Education Cadet awardee is Cadet Rylee Schmuck, of the River City Cadet Squadron in the IN Wing. Read about Cadet Schmuck HERE

Organizations Working with CAP (Not a CAP Member):


The 2021 Frank G. Brewer National Memorial Aerospace Award, Organization category, is Mr. Allan C. Timmerman, CEO of Jet Air Group FBO, Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Read more about Mr. Timmerman and his work with CAP HERE

Lifetime Achievement in AE for CAP Member:


The 2021 Frank G. Brewer National Memorial Aerospace Award, Lifetime Achievement of CAP member category, is Lt Col Paul Willard, the Director of Aerospace Education, Virginia Wing.  Read about Lt Col Willard HERE

CAP National Aerospace Teacher of the Year:

  • Don't forget to reach out to AE members or educators in your squadrons who are formal educators and encourage nomination of this award which is presented at the annual national conference banquet. 

  • Find all info HERE.

Nomination form for the National CAP AE Teacher of the Year (For teachers)

Nomination form for AE officer/Directors of AE with instructions to upload nomination package to online CAPF 120 in eServices


The 2021 National CAP Aerospace Teacher of the Year is Mr. Patrick Carter, from the New Tech Institute in the Indiana Wing.  Read about Mr. Carter HERE



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