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Grants for CAP Units


Summer 2021 Grant Cycle is OPEN; due 30 June.

NOTE: As in 2020, the 2021 December cycle grants will not be awarded this year due to reduced funding for this program due to COVID-related issues. (If funding is restored, an announcement will be made.)

Summer 2020 CAP Unit Grant Recipients of AFA-funded Grants

Winter 2019 CAP Unit Grant Recipients of AFA-funded Grants


LOOK!  Video of Observatory field trip by PR cadets, thanks to a AFA Grant for CAP Units!

The Air Force Association (AFA) helps provide educational opportunities for America’s youth in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects and careers. These opportunities were initiated to help ensure that future generations of Americans:

  • Appreciate the important role of aviation, space, and cyber in America’s future
  • Have the technical knowledge necessary to understand aerospace/STEM issues
  • Have the educational background required to pursue aerospace/STEM careers

To support CAP’s aerospace/STEM education programs, since 1996, the AFA has provided over $480,000 to CAP to help fund their aerospace/STEM education programs, inspiring interest in over 460,000 youth toward STEM subjects and careers. 

  • Due to financial issues, the AFA's $250 aerospace/STEM education grants for Civil Air Patrol Units will be distributed for the June cycle only in 2021.

Click HERE for a neat video of a Robotics project funded by an AFA AE Grant for CAP Units.  Submitted by Maj Mark Fridell, Group 2 CA, AE Officer.
The requirements and selection criteria for the AFA Grants for Civil Air Patrol Units are as follows:

  • Unit AEOs should apply for a grant using the grant application (found in the top right-hand corner of this page) at any time before the end of the grant cycles (30 June; 31 December----  only the June cycle for 2021).

  • Applications should be filled out completely and sent to

  • Grants cannot exceed $250.00 per request.

  • Grants must be used for aerospace/STEM education-related items/activities such as books, CDs, equipment, or aerospace-oriented field trips, projects, programs and events for the cadets. 

  • Unit grants may NOT be used for uniforms or honor guard/color guard activities, nor may they be used for individual member flying instruction.

  • Preference is given to applications with plans for collaboration with another group of youth to give more outreach impact potential.

Applicants are notified by the end of the next month after the deadline whether or not the grant project was selected for funding.

  • Grant recipients will be competitively selected each cycle.  

  • To ensure grants are widely disseminated throughout CAP: after receiving a grant, a unit is eligible every other year after receiving a grant.

  • If not selected for a grant in one cycle, the unit can apply again during the following cycle(s).

After-action Reporting

  • Grant recipients must file an after-action report with HQ CAP/AE on how the AFA grant contributed to their AE program. (Report form is found at the top right-hand corner of this page.) 

  • After-action reports (with at least one digital photo) should be sent to not later than 90 days after the grant is received.  (If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent this, please contact   A video of the grant project in action, with credit given to the AFA, is totally acceptable (and welcome)!

  • If a grant recipient does not submit a follow-up report, the unit will be ineligible to apply for another grant.


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