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Aerospace Careers

Welcome to the Civil Air Patrol's Aerospace and Related Careers Program. It was designed to expose CAP members to possible career paths/opportunities they might not be aware of. This Aviation Related Careers training module should be viewed as a follow on program to CAP’s Aerospace Dimensions and Aerospace: The Journey of Flight, Chapter 17, Aerospace Careers and Training.


This learning module will look at careers that are involved in aeronautical charts and flight planning, monitoring the airport and the terrain around it, global and local weather for flight safety, as well as the airspace we fly in. While there are a wide variety of careers in aviation, aerodynamics and aerospace related careers might surprise you!
Each section begins with a list of careers that require a college degree in a technical field: Science, Technology, Mathematics, or Engineering (STEM). In addition, listed are some technical career choices that may not always require a college degree, but that generally require a solid background in math and science or some years of technical training either on the job or through technical schools.

This module will look at a few career fields, and you can investigate others that interest you.

Links to more information:

Aviation and Aeronautics Career Guide:

Courtesy: The Vocational Information Center

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