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Summer internship jobs exist in most large aerospace corporations, across the country. Job assignments are primarily for college students at the sophomore level and above and are designed to give students the opportunity to work in scientific, technical, or administrative areas of the company. The difficulty and level of responsibility of each job depends on the needs of the project and the career interests and level of experience of the student.

These companies seek students majoring in science and engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, information systems, and mathematics. All majors will be considered. Most companies offer competitive compensation, attractive working conditions and a professional environment. This an incredible way to get yourself in the door and to be considered for employment once you have your degree in hand a few years down the road. One example of an internship program is listed below with Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp.

Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp. Summer Internships:

Ball Aerospace, as a company looks forward to hosting summer interns because they bring talent, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas to the Ball Aerospace team.

Internships are available in a variety of technical disciplines, as well as in public affairs, human resources, and accounting. The program lasts 10 weeks.

At the end of the session, students share their knowledge by presenting their completed project to managers, co-workers, and other students. Throughout the summer, management takes the opportunity to meet with the interns; topics of these meetings vary depending upon the interests of the students.

Most interns spend the summer working in Colorado, but interns are sometimes hired at our other locations.

In addition to practical experience, Ball Aerospace provides interns with a competitive salary, access to state-of-the-art equipment, training, company product discounts, relocation reimbursement and housing assistance.

Eligibility Requirements

If you meet each of the requirements below, you are eligible for the summer internship program:

  • Student in an accredited academic institution
  • Junior, senior, or graduate student the year after internship is completed
  •  Have submitted a Résumé online with Ball Aerospace

Applying for an Internship

To apply for an internship position, click on Job Search to see Ball's current listing of openings. Select your location and then choose Internship from the Job Functions dropdown menu.

You are welcome to apply for more than one type of internship (for example, Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering), however, we recommend only applying to one of these three levels when submitting your résumé:

  • Intern I = Between Sophomore and Junior year
  • Intern II = Between Junior and Senior year
  • Intern III = After Bachelor’s, starting or continuing graduate school   


If you Google “aerospace summer internships” you will find page after page of internships available to you, coast to coast. This is best way to get experience, a really great entry in your resume, and a chance to see if you really fit into an aerospace job.

A sampling of links to summer internship jobs:

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Link to more information: 

Aerospace Corp: If you have questions regarding the internship program, call 310.336.1901, or send an e-mail to Suzan Barrett at .

Courtesy: [Aerospace Corporation, Ball Aerospace, JPL, NASA]

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