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Job Preparation

Welcome to the Civil Air Patrol's Aerospace and Related Careers Program. It was designed to expose CAP members to possible career paths/opportunities they might not be aware of. This Aviation Related Careers training module should be viewed as a follow on program to CAP’s Aerospace Dimensions and Aerospace: The Journey of Flight, Chapter 17, Aerospace Careers and Training.


Every company has a process they follow to hire new employees. Company “X” is a major company in America. It is not an aerospace company but it has a hiring process just like other major companies in any career field you chose to name. Human Resources is (HR), all of the HR representatives go to the same schools to learn their job.  You will have to play according to their rules, or read “What Color Is Your Parachute” and work it a little bit differently to get a job in spite of HR. Here is the accepted process at a glance.

What can you expect during the company's employment process?

Thank you for your interest in “X.” While “X’s” strength and character are an initial attraction, the wide variety of opportunities is the real draw for applicants. 
Each “X” of “Y” company location may do things a bit differently, but the general process is:

1. Create an Online Application

  • All applicants wanting to be considered for employment must complete an online application through the X Career Center on The online application can be accessed through the Search Jobs button on the right navigation bar of each career page.
  • In order to apply to a specific job or submit an online resume, applicants must register by creating a user name and password and entering a valid e-mail address.
  • Applicants can also create a Job Search Manager that will automatically notify them when a position matching the criteria indicated becomes available.
  • To apply for the Corporate College Summer Intern Program, candidates should visit the Internships page on X Career Center for a listing of all internship opportunities. Each internship has a unique Job Opening ID that candidates can enter into the appropriate field on the search/apply page of the application to apply to the specific internship. To be considered for other Internship opportunities outside the area, applicants can use the search/apply feature to apply for other internship opportunities.
  • An online application remains in our database for 12 months from the date of last activity, which includes updating the Resume and/or applying for a specific job opening.
  • Applicants can view the positions to which they have applied. If a candidate can no longer view a position in the list of their “applied to” openings, the candidate is no longer under consideration or is not competitive for the opening.
  •  Applicants who have not received an interview or job offer will receive an auto generated e-mail when the job opening they have applied to has been filled.
  • Applicants can inactivate their Resume from consideration by logging into the Career Center and clicking Inactivate Online Resume.

2. Selected for an Interview

  • If you are identified for further consideration, a recruiter will contact you to discuss next steps which may include a telephone or on-site interview and pre-employment testing depending on the position, as well as completing the second portion of our employment application.
  • If you are competitive on our screening interview and pre-employment testing (if applicable) you may have one or more additional interview with a recruiter and/or management professional at company “X”.

3. Offered a job

  • If you are selected for a position at Company X, you may be subject to a drug screen and background check.  If all come back with acceptable results, we will confirm your offer and work on preparing for your first day with company “X”!

This is the process you can expect from any aerospace company such as Ball Aerospace, Lockheed-Martin or Boeing. It is a tried and true process to help management select the best candidates for positions. In a country with a 9-10% unemployment statistics, you will have to do something to sharpen your competitive edge to get hired. In the following modules you will be introduced to several successful ways to put the edge in your favor, from writing a cover letter and resume they will read, out foxing the computer that “mines” key words out of your Resume, to how to dress, and follow up on an interview.

Read each module and take your time in doing your research and preparing yourself.

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