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A Resume cover sheet or cover letter is a letter that goes with your resume to the employer giving details on why you are sending a Resume. You need to send a cover sheet with all resumes, always. Your resume can be a generic resume, but your resume cover sheet has be to very specific to the company in which you are applying for employment.

Your resume cover page is one of the most critical pieces of your resume marketing kit. Unfortunately, it is all too often completely overlooked by job seekers.  In the cover sheet, you can specify that why you are sending the resume and what exactly you have which will be useful for the company if it hires you. The cover page provides you with a number of advantages that you cannot hope to achieve with a stand-alone resume. For example, the standard resume is limited to one or two pages at a maximum. If your resume is longer than this, you have already lost the ball game. With such a short amount of space, it can be difficult to broadcast the message that you are the ideal candidate. The cover page, however, allows you the opportunity to go into greater detail about your specific qualifications, skills and experience. It gives you a chance to truly shine. Cover letters are meant to introduce yourself briefly to your potential employer, creating in them a desire to know more about you and to want to meet you in person to discuss job opportunities

While a resume details your knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience in a list format, a properly written cover letter complements the resume by injecting your personality into an otherwise impersonal document. A well written cover letter projects an image of a positive and capable individual eager on beginning a lasting career in the company of his choice. And prior to a face-to-face meeting during an interview, this is the only opportunity that you have to convey this desire.

The sample resume cover letter linked below can provide a suitable and organized format to use and keep you focused on the important points that need to be written. Just remember to write it out in your own words and make it sound as human as possible.  While writing a resume cover sheet, make sure that you remember following points:

  • Resume cover sheet should be very specific in nature
  • Cover sheet should be addressed to some specific person in the company.
  • There should not be any spelling or grammar mistakes in it.
  • Write the cover sheet in natural flow, emphasizing why you are a good match to the company.
  • If you are experienced, do put it in the cover sheet as well.

Links to Cover Page Information:

Sample Resume Cover Sheet


Company Name
City, State, Zip


As a highly skilled Sales and Marketing Professional with proven experience in building professional relationships, developing successful sales strategies, and closing sales, I believe my talents will enable me to excel as a (Position Title) with (Company Name).

With more than 10 years of combined experience promoting sales and managing fast-paced sales and marketing operations, I have developed the types of skills that are particularly effective at satisfying customers, increasing revenues, and closing sales.

In addition to managing sales and closing deals, I've also been part of an industry that understands that each sale  is inherently a critical component of a broader strategy for long-term growth and steady gains in market share.  As a result, I have the ability to promote sales and increase profits while generating satisfied customers and delivering a sense of quality that sets the stage for long-term success.

I have enclosed my resume for your review.  Some of my key qualifications include:

  • A valuable blend of sales leadership, resourcefulness, and financial skill that combines efficiency with imagination to produce highly effective bottom-line results.
  • Adept in developing effective marketing and sales plans, creating long-range focus and devising innovative methods for tactically implementing those ideas.
  • Solid background and training in areas where sales expertise, administration, organization, interpersonal communication, motivation, and management are required.
  • Exceptional ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results through the use of a flexible sales style and practical skills that are easily transported between different industries.

I would be grateful for an interview to discuss the specific ways in which I could help your organization.  Of course, you may contact me directly at any time.  Thank you for your consideration.






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