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Goals & Objectives

Program Goals

To establish a viable and effective awareness program that will assist not only unit Aerospace Education Officers (AEOs) in promoting an interest in aerospace careers, but cadets and AEMs as well.  This program will offer an infinite number of career choices and educational opportunities designed to excite and motivate CAP members to learn more about an aerospace career they can achieve. The real goal of this program is to help collaborate a more comprehensive understanding of the aerospace and related career fields for a cadet or senior member, and open new vistas for them.


1. Create an awareness of the many aerospace career fields open to CAP cadets and senior members
2. Assist cadets into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career field planning/preparation
3. Provide a knowledge database of what education is required to enter  the aerospace job market
4. Provide the best examples of employment seeking tools to help members present themselves competitively

The Civil Air Patrol Aerospace and Related Careers Program
is made up of the following learning modules:

1. Space Careers
     a. Aerospace Engineering 
     b. Satellite Ground Operations
2. Aviation Careers
     a. Pilots/Aircrew/Flight Crew
     b.  Air Operations, Air Traffic Control, Meteorology
3. AE Related Careers
     a. Mapping & Cartography, Imagery Analyst, Earth Sciences
4.  Education Needed
     a. AA & BS degree Curriculum and Program Requirements
     b. Schools (Military Academies, Aerospace Schools, Military Service Training)
5.  Jobs and Employment
     a. Resumes, Interviewing, Salaries, Locations of Jobs, and Research Data


Our Special Thanks:

Photography and Photographs
Career Reference Material

U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
United States Merchant Marine Academy
U.S. Navy
U.S. Coast Guard

Reference Materials
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
FAA and US Occupational Handbooks
American Geological Institute

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