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Space Shuttle

  • Watch Buzz Lightyear explain about the parts of the space shuttle and how it works in "Buzz Lightyear's Mission Logs: Episode 1 -- Blast Off!" at
  • The Shuttle: Use this site to learn about the Space Shuttle.  This interactive site includes a timeline of shuttle missions, interesting facts about the parts of the shuttle, nice graphics, an animated launch video, and a 14-minute documentary video.
  • NASA's Kennedy Launch Academy Simulation System Software (KLASS): Bring a launch countdown into your classroom! Based on the actual software currently used for training at Kennedy Space Center's Launch Control Center, this software enables a launch countdown simulation with a networked system of computers. Materials are created by teachers for teachers and aligned with national education standards. The software is free and is now available by download or CD. The software and curriculum materials are easily scaled up or down, from a one-day session to a one-year curriculum.
  • NASA's "World" Video: View NASA's inspirational video featuring the International Space Station and its crews set to the song "World" by recording artists Five for Fighting. The video features imagery of both the space station and the space shuttles that have served as the workhorses of space station construction and resupply. It uses selections from orbit as well as Earth-bound training and launch activities to communicate the importance of space exploration and its benefits for future generations.
  • Shuttle Tribute Posters: Download one or all of these beautiful shuttle tribute posters.  There is one for each orbiter:  Challenger, Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour.  Once you are on the NASA page, scroll down and the orbiter posters available for download will appear on the left side near the end of the article.  You may also visit to download the posters.

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