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Life Cycle of Stars

  • StarChild's The Life Cycle of Stars (grades 3 - 12): Great resources for upper elementary, middle, and high school!  Download an activity book that includes an explanation of stars as well as activity pages. One is available for younger students, and one is available for high school students. Posters and other resources are available here.
  • Lives of Stars from JPL Night Sky Network (middle/high school): Find wonderful resources including an instructional video, PowerPoint presentation, script, and a supernova activity!

Star Maps/Charts/Cards


  • Star Light, Star Bright (middle/high school): Students can use four interactive modules to learn about star light and temperature. The modules are titled "Catch the Waves" (light is made up of colors); "Making Waves" (energy); "Heating Up" (wavelength, temperature, and color connection); and "Stellar Encounters" (identify star temperatures).
  • Have a star party! For activities, games, decorations, food ideas, and more visit
  • Several PowerPoint presentations including constellations, star properties, and evolution of stars available at
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