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CAP Resources to Support the U.S. Space Force


Civil Air Patrol, the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, provides a multitude of free aviation, space, and cyber products and programs for K-12 educators, as found on the CAP Educators Page.

The following sample lessons are provided by CAP in support of the United States Space Force. 

--- The approximate grade levels are listed. 

Grades K- 3: A Moon Munchy! 

Grades K-3: Do You See What I See? (The Night Sky)

Grades 4-9:  Build a Telescope

Grades 4-9: Creating a Star Finder

Grades 4-9: Faces of the Moon

Grades 4-9: Goddard Rocket

Grades 4-9: Moon and Mars Rover Relay

Grades 4-9: Strange New Planet

Grades K-9: Fizzy Rocket

Grades 6-9: Super Stars (The Life Cycle of Stars) 



Find out more about the Air & Space STEM Outreach office's annual December birthday celebration, STEMtoSpace, in the right info column.


See info for the 2023 STEMtoSpace Engagement Initiative: 





The U.S. Space Force Symbol:

The Delta, first used in 1961, became an iconic part of the space missions under the USAF and Air Force Space Command. The Delta will continue its legacy, representing the vital mission sets in space, as the logo for the Space Force.

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