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Aerospace News Sources

(While there are LOTS of news sources available, here is a short list.)

AE Teacher Sites


Regional CAP AE Pages


Government Websites



NASA Websites

  • NASA (homepage)
  • NASA for Educators 
  • NASA Teaching Material Search
  • NASA Television
  • NASA Education Programs Site – Links to all NASA Education Centers throughout the US
  • NASA CORE – order multimedia materials for a minimal fee
  • NASA Space Place – spacey things for kids to make and do
  • "Space Place Live!" - The Space Place presents the Space Place kids hosting their first talk show live from the Space Place Clubhouse. Guests will include real scientists and engineers working in the space program. 
  • NASA: 21st Century Explorer - a series of newsbreaks and educational materials featuring student actors. Students and educators in grades three through five will find a wide selection of hands-on projects, stories and videos presented in both Spanish and English. 
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Podcast -NASA provides a set of audio and video clips along with links to images and information about a STEM-related topic. Students can choose as many items as they want to include in a project and download them to their computer. Students can use the information provided or conduct their own research to write a script for an audio or video production.
  • Learning Technologies Project


Space Centers

  • SPACE CENTER HOUSTON For more information
    • Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission opens Oct. 14. Space Center Houston is the first of four stops in a new exhibit featuring the Apollo 11 command module. This is the first time the Apollo 11 command module will leave the Smithsonian since a national tour in 1971. Destination Moon ends its Houston run March 18. Find more information on Space Center Houston's website. GO NOW.
    • Distance learning opportunities
    • Standards-based mission activities for out-of-town guests
    • STEM support materials and lessons
  • U.S. SPACE & ROCKET CENTER  For more information
    • Rocket Park traces the early history of  America's space program with  27 missiles and rockets
    • Children's workshops
    • STEM education support materials
    • Weeklong camps
  • GREAT LAKES SCIENCE CENTER -- OHIO For more information 
    • The NASA Glenn Visitor Center at the Cleveland, Ohio, location lets visitors learn about the challenges of living and working in space.
      • Look inside the Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module
      • Climb a Martian landscape
      • Take a picture in a space suit.
  • VIRGINIA AIR & SPACE CENTER For more information
    • Space Racers: Adventures in Space Exploration, an interactive exhibit based on the new animated children's television show Space Racers, allows children ages 3-6 to explore the wonders of space.
    • Lesson plans for grades pre-K through 12
  • INTREPID SEA, AIR & SPACE MUSEUM -- NEW YORK For more information 
    • Space Shuttle Pavilion showcases the space shuttle Enterprise.
    • School and teacher programs and teacher materials
  • SALLY RIDE SCIENCE For more information .
    • "Mini PD" teaches educators how to easily connect STEM classroom lessons to supporting Common Core standards. Free with a site license. 
    • Teacher Activity Guides for the classroom


  • AMA Academy of Model Aeronautics (homepage)  NOTE: Cadets and students under the age of 19 can join for free!
  • Aviation Salary, Wages, and Pay
  • Challenger Centers - The Challenger Centers are non-profit, international network of facilities and programs founded by the families of the seven crew members of Challenger Flight 51L to continue the crew's educational mission. The Challenger Center uses the theme of space exploration to create positive learning experiences, foster interest in science, math, and technology and to motivate young people to explore and promote science literacy.
  • EAA Young Eagles
  • NSTA National Science Teacher's Association (homepage)
  • Space Camp 
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