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Aerospace Connections In Education (ACE)


Want to quickly find out about the ACE program? Click on ACE Info Flier in Related Documents above, or click HERE

Already an ACE teacher? Go to the ACE teachers' page.

Aren't a CAP educator member at this time, but wish to be so you can participate in the ACE Program? With all the great free benefits AND the great free STEM Kit program we will provide to any CAP member who is an educator, the one-time membership fee is well worth it! Want to know more? Click here to view the AE Membership and STEM Kit informational form.

Click HERE to see 2018 National ACE Award Winners! Thanks to ACE Sponsor, the Air Force Association!

Does YOUR state have ACE Schools?  Check out the 2018-2019 list HERE!

What is the ACE (Aerospace Connections in Education) Program?

The ACE Program is an aerospace education program for educators in grades K-6 who are Aerospace Education Members (AEMs) or Senior Members Civil Air Patrol (CAP).  This program is designed for schools/teachers to implement during the school day; yet many programs are implemented in informal, structured after-school programs.  ACE provides engaging and meaningful cross-curricular aerospace lessons that support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiatives and enrich the school curricula.  Additionally, many lessons promote good character and physical fitness, which are components of CAP's Cadet Program.  Thus, the ACE program is a great introduction to CAP and for those youth who may be interested in learning more about General Aviation and possibly becoming members of CAP's Cadet Program for youth, ages 12-18.   CAP believes the ACE program will help foster good-natured and healthy citizens who will develop an interest in and appreciation for aerospace/STEM subjects and careers as our nation seeks to inspire the aerospace/STEM workforce of the next generation. 

What FREE materials do I receive if I participate in the ACE Program?

  • A curriculum guide of 21 aerospace-themed, national academic standards-driven lessons for your grade level  (Lessons are divided into 9 academic lessons, 6 character lessons, and 6 physical fitness lessons. Read the descriptions of all ACE lessons. View now.)
  • A classroom set of aerospace manipulative items that relate to one of the lessons for each grade level
  • A classroom set of student ACE program completion certificates
  • An ACE teacher certificate noting successful ACE Program completion

What are the requirements if I participate in this program?

  • Have current membership in the Civil Air Patrol as an AEM or Senior Member.  
  • Be a teacher in any formal or informal school setting (home schools included) or youth organization setting.
  • Submit an online ACE registration form to participate in CAP's ACE Program.  (Registration details are explained below.)
  • Teach a minimum of 10 of the 21 ACE lessons to your class.
  • Submit an easy online completion form at the end of your program (includes evaluation of the program).

How long does it take to teach each lesson?

The lessons are designed to be 30-45 minutes in length.  We encourage teachers to adapt the lessons as necessary for their unique schedules, resources, and students.  There are additional activity ideas provided for each lesson to enrich and extend each lesson for many additional lessons. 

How do I evaluate my students?

Many lessons include student worksheets and assessment rubrics.  Lesson evaluation methods are listed in each lesson.  A comprehensive pre- and post-test is included and is encouraged for use.

May I invite others to teach some of the lessons in my class?

The lessons are written in an easy to understand, step-by-step format.  We encourage teachers to invite parents, community leaders, as well as other employees of the school such as the counselor, PE teacher, secretary, custodian, etc. to share a lesson with students.  Consider inviting Civil Air Patrol and/or Air Force Association (AFA) representatives to teach a lesson in your classroom.  What a great way to involve parents and other community members in the educational system!

What is the cost of this program?

Although the program is free to CAP members who are K-6 educators, teachers do supply their own lesson materials.  The ACE lessons, however, are designed to use inexpensive, easy to acquire materials, such as construction paper, glue, balloons, straws, etc.   Costs, therefore, are minimal.

How do I register to participate in this program for the 2018-2019 school year?

  1. First, make sure you qualify to participate and that you agree to the requirements.  The program is designed for elementary educators in grades K - 6 who will ensure at least 10 of the 21 ACE lessons are taught to their students during the school year.  (For details on program implementation, review the Teacher Implementation Guidelines. View now.) 
  2. Next, you must be a member of CAP in order to register to participate in the ACE Program.  (If you are not currently a member, click here for CAP AEM membership information and to join online. Please note that as a new aerospace education member of CAP, you will receive a box with over 15 aerospace education materials, but these are NOT the ACE program materials.  CAP's ACE program materials are mailed after educators register for participation in this extra, free program for CAP educator members (AEMs or Senior members who are educators).
    In the event your school wishes to become an entire ACE School (all of the teachers at your school wish to participate), please send an email prior to joining as an AEM to for further information on how to join using a school check.
  3. Educators who wish to participate in the 2018-2019 ACE program should plan to register beginning August 1 using the online registration link in eServices.  (If you are a member of CAP and have never set up your eServices account, go to and click the "first time user" link.)  If you have questions, please send an email to   

What happens after I register?

  • You should receive an ACE registration confirmation email.  (If you do not, please email immediately.  If you do not have an ACE confirmation email, we do not have you listed as a registered participant.)
  • As a member of CAP, you have access to the online ACE curriculum guides located in eServices at  You may immediately go online to review or start using the curriculum.  (After logging in to eServices, go to the Aerospace Education section, and then click on the "AE Downloads and Resources.")
  • If a hard copy or CD of the ACE curriculum guides are needed, please e-mail NOTE: If you recently became a member of CAP, you will soon receive or have received a box of aerospace education items, such as small books and thematic unit modules.  This box does NOT contain ACE program materials, so do not be confused.
  • Follow the implementation guidelines provided in the ACE curriculum guide (located in eServices at Aerospace Education, then AE Downloads and Resources, click on the ACE book to find your grade level curriculum guide).
  • After your student count is entered in your online ACE program registration, your students' individual materials will be shipped to you at your school address.
  • Please consider sending pictures of students engaged in ACE activities that we may share in newsletters, articles, or other CAP AE publications.  Usable pictures with a brief explanation should be emailed to, if there is media permission on file at your school for photo usage. 

What happens after I complete the program?

  • The ACE program completion form link will be available in eServices from February to June of the current school year.  It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete the online completion form.  Details are available on CAP's ACE teachers' page.  You should receive student and teacher ACE certificates no later than 3 weeks from the date you submit your completion form.
  • To ensure you receive your certificates in time for your end-of-year awards programs, make sure you submit your completion form at least 3 weeks prior to needing student ACE certificates to distribute to your class (or no later than June 15).
  • If you desire to type in your students' names on the certificates, a student certificate template is found on CAP's ACE teachers' page
  • If you are too late to receive certificates, the certificates can be printed off the CAP ACE teachers' page
  • Please email if you have success stories you wish to share, such as improvements in test scores, or a story about how the ACE program impacted a student, your class, or even you as a teacher. It is important that you try to garner media support for the extra activities you provide to your students.  If you get such media coverage, please send us a link and any photos, etc. to

What happens if I do not complete the program?

Only educators who truly want to participate and are committed to completing the program should register to participate.

  • Due to the extensive amount of time, effort, and money that is invested to provide this program to educators, we encourage all ACE educators to complete the program, which involves completing 10 of the grade level lessons with the students before the end of the year.  We do understand if circumstances arise that prevent total completion of the program.  Anyone who does not complete the program is encouraged to maintain his/her membership to CAP and continue to use CAP AE products as desired.  He/she may also consider registering to participate in CAP's AEX program, that has fewer requirements for program completion.
  • In the event you have an unexpected, adverse situation that prevents you from completing CAP's ACE program, please send an email as soon as possible to  . 

ACE Program Testimonials:

  • Fantastic program that engaged my students in active learning, and a wonderful way to involve parents and the community in the school.  (6th grade teacher in Jacksonville, FL)
  • My 5th grade ACE students mentor a kindergarten ACE class.  (5th grade teacher in Yuma, AZ)
  • My students had the highest state science test scores in our county.  This validates how aerospace can and does cover state standards. (5th grade teacher Van Buren, OH)
  • The program is very well organized, easy to follow, and age appropriate. (2nd grade teacher in Thousand Oaks, CA)
  • The kids loved the lessons.  The program has been a great addition to our STEM curriculum.  (3rd grade teacher in Anthem, AZ)
  • It brought our school together with a common theme.  (principal in Fort Walton Beach, FL)

ACE Program Accolades:

  • The program continues to grow, reaching over 1,000 educators and 130,000 students since program inception in 2007, thanks to the Air Force Association (AFA) and CAP members. CAP members are helping conduct the ACE lessons and helping to coordinate speakers and field trips to enhance the ACE program, and this is helping the program's steady growth. 
  • Guest presenters (such as parents, CAP & AFA members, community leaders, aerospace industry workers, etc.) provide students with positive role models and create excellent parent and community involvement opportunities.  It is encouraged that you invite guest speakers and lesson presenters to make this program an awesome opportunity for mentorship and career exploration information for your students.
  • The ACE curriculum has been adopted for use by other organizations working with youth, such as AFA chapters, aerospace museums, youth organizations, DoD STARBASE, and college AFROTC Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings teams, to develop an interest in and appreciation form STEM subjects and careers, thus inspiring the future aerospace workforce and future aviation enthusiasts.  CAP adults and cadets are becoming great supporters of and mentors to the ACE classrooms!
  • Several participants have reported a positive impact on standardized science test scores, such as a 27% increase in 5th grade scientific thinking scores.
  • About 90% of educators who register to participate in CAP's ACE Program complete the program.
  • Of educators who complete CAP's ACE Program, about 97% intend to participate again.
  • Program evaluation reveals that almost 96% of ACE educators agree that the ACE lessons fit well, overall, with the standards, concepts, and skills they are required to teach.
  • Students involved in the ACE pre/post test earn an average increase of 46% improvement in aerospace knowledge.

CAP greatly appreciates organizations and companies who have helped sponsor the ACE Program at the school level! 

Please send an email inquiry to if you have any questions.





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