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ACE Announcements

ACE Program Registration Opens 1 August.


See the ACE Teachers page for info about end-of-year procedures, awards, certificates, etc.

Past National ACE Award Winners:


2020 National ACE Award Winners

2019 National ACE Award Winners

2018 National ACE Award Winners


ACE in the News:

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Grade Level ACE Student Manipulative Items:

  • The following grade levels receive the aerospace manipulative item listed (which corresponds to one of the grade-level's ACE lesson plans):

    • Kindergarten: Earth balls- Academic Lesson #4, "Coming in for a Landing"

    • 1st grade: balsa planes- Academic Lesson #3, "Plane Art" & Lesson #4, "Plane Flight Pie Chart"

    • 2nd grade: finger rockets- Academic Lesson #8, "Rocket to the Planets"

    • 3rd grade: foam gliders- Academic Lesson #4, "Foam Flyer"

    • 4th grade: fun shuttles- Academic Lesson #4,  "Fun Shuttle"

    • 5th grade: prop balsa planes (with rubber bands)- Academic Lesson #2, "Forces of Flight"

    • 6th grade: mini-rocket footballs- Physical Fitness Lesson #5, "From Football to Flight" (and windbags for demonstrating aerospace Academic Lesson #1, "Air-mazing Experiment")

  • See associated manipulative item lessons and other resources on the ACE Resources page.

  • ACE curriculum guides are available in  the AE Downloads and Resources page of eServices! Click on "ACE Program Curriculum Guides."  Only Kindergarten is displayed, but when you click on it, all grade levels will appear for you to search, copy, download, etc. 

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