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  • ACE materials have been shipped to all teachers and/or teachers who are part of school-wide ACE schools .  If you did not receive ACE materials, please send an email to  .


  • The following grade levels receive the aerospace manipulative item listed (which corresponds to one of the grade-level's ACE lesson plans):
    • Kindergarten: Earth balls
    • 1st grade: balsa planes
    • 2nd grade: finger rockets
    • 3rd grade: foam gliders
    • 4th grade: fun shuttles
    • 5th grade: balsa planes (with rubber bands)
    • 6th grade: mini-rocket footballs (and a few windbags for demonstrating aerospace academic lesson #1)
  • ACE curriculum guides are available in eServices!  Log in to eServices and go to the Aerospace Education section, and then click "AE Downloads & Resources" on the left side of the page.  Then, scroll down and click "ACE Program Curriculum Guides."  Only one grade level displays, but when you click on it, all grade levels will appear for you to search, copy, download, etc. 

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