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ACE Teachers

ACE Registration

K-6 teachers, be a part of the 2018-2019 Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) Program. Registration will open August 1st!



  • The following grade levels receive the aerospace manipulative item listed (which responds to one of the grade level's ACE lesson plans):
    • Kindergarten: Earth balls
    • 1st grade: balsa planes
    • 2nd grade: finger rockets
    • 3rd grade: foam gliders
    • 4th grade: fun shuttles
    • 5th grade: balsa planes (with rubber bands)
    • 6th grade: mini-rocket footballs (and a few windbags for demonstrating aerospace academic lesson #1) 
  • Ace curriculum guides are available in eServices. Log in to eServices and click "AE Downloads & Resources" on the left side of the page. Then scroll down and click "ACE Program Curriculum Guides." 

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