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ACE Teachers

Registration:  K-6 teachers, Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program registration opens each year beginning 1 August.  


2020-2021 end-of-year info:

1-   2021 National ACE award winners have been selected!  See all winners HERE!

2- End-of-Year Completion and Certificate Information:

This year has been tough with fluctuations from in-person to virtual or hybrid, so you may not be able to complete all of your ACE lessons as desired. No matter how many lessons you were able to complete, please submit your online completion form, and add in the number of lessons you think you will be able to complete by the end of the year. As soon as you can do this, we can get certificates mailed to you for your presentations.  (Template for inserting student names is found in the right column.) If you can only use electronic certificates to e-mail to families this year, we have added fillable certificates in the right column so you can create one for each of your students and e-mail them to the families. 

If you wish CAP and AFA representatives to attend your ACE presentations, the info to contact them is found below.

Please e-mail us at if you have any questions or concerns.  We appreciate each of you.

~ The CAP ACE Team (National HQ, Montgomery, AL)


To request program support from your closest CAP squadron or AFA chapter, see info below. 

  • To find your closest CAP squadron to invite to your school, enter your ZIP code in the "Find your local squadron" section of  Expand your search radius from 10-100 miles, and then reach out to the contact person.

  • To find an Air Force Association (AFA) chapter representative, enter your state at the AFA Chapter Locator and e-mail the president you think is nearest to you.


ACE Manipulatives by Grade Level

  • The following grade levels receive the aerospace manipulative item listed (which responds to one of the grade level's ACE lesson plans):

    • Kindergarten: Earth balls

    • 1st grade: balsa planes

    • 2nd grade: finger rockets

    • 3rd grade: foam gliders

    • 4th grade: rocket planez

    • 5th grade: balsa planes (with rubber bands)

    • 6th grade: mini-rocket footballs (and a couple Bernoulli windbags for demonstrating aerospace academic lesson #1) 

  • ACE lessons that go with each manipulative item are found in the right column at the main ACE page, and, on the ACE Resources page.

  • ACE curriculum guides are available in eServices. Log in to eServices and click "AE Downloads & Resources" on the left side of the page. Then scroll down and click "ACE Program Curriculum Guides." 

Have a question, comment, suggestion, or pictures to share? Please send them to

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