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CAP Adopt-a-Classroom Program


Civil Air Patrol squadrons are joining with 6th grade Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) classrooms to provide aerospace/STEM support, student mentorship, and an introduction to CAP. 

See Adopt-a-Classroom  info flier HERE with details for squadrons

See Adopt-a-Classroom  info flier HERE with details for teachers

Read CAP.NEWS article launching the program HERE.

  • Teachers- want to be "adopted" by a CAP squadron?  Please send an e-mail to and tell us your grade level, school, and address (with city, state, ZIP)!  You will be connected to the closest CAP squadron (and the closest AFA chapter) in hopes they want to collaborate with you.
  • CAP squadrons, need some quick assistance?  Contact (Squadron AEO or Commander, provide your squadron charter # and name.)
  • AFA chapters, want to get involved?  Click HERE for details and contact info (provide the city/state where you are located).

View the Adopt-a-Classroom Ambassadors'  introductory video, below, for a clear program overview.

  • Found on the SCWG AE YouTube channel, with a link HERE.

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                                                Read about the Ambassadors' award-winning ACE collaborative program HERE.


Check out the complete Squadron AEO Adopt-a-Classroom Guide (with expectations for squadrons and teachers, as well as the Request to Collaborate form).

  •     Squadrons, to collaborate with the closest Air Force Association chapter, find and contact your closest AFA chapter at the AFA Chapter Locator and ask them to partner with you.

  • Squadrons, click on the Program FAQs!  Any other questions, just contact!


                       When collaborations begin, new opportunities for students and the teachers evolve:



  • Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) flights provide an opportunity for the teachers to see, first-hand, how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) topics are integral in the aviation experience. 


  • CAP's STEM Kits are also great classroom enhancements! Flight simulators are especially beneficial when pilot members of CAP and the Air Force Association help with instruction!
  • The distinctive purple ACE shirts can be a part of the program!  See ACE shirt ordering information HERE.


For more information, contact

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