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Grade 4

If you have a suggestion or information you wish to share with other ACE 4th grade teachers, please submit it by email to  Please specify whether or not you prefer your name, school name, and/or email address to be listed on this page so that other teachers may contact you if desired. 

Academic Aerospace Lesson #3:  Paper Airplanes

Academic Lesson #4: Fun Shuttle

  • The Fun Shuttle Lesson now includes a new version of the Fun Shuttle student item.  To replace the Space Shuttle, and reflect the innovative new rocket planes being designed for space travel, the new item is called Rocket Planez.  The Rocket Planez are constructed as the Fun Shuttle, so the following info is still pertinent for the Rocket Planez.  >>> View the YouTube video produced by AeroRacers Inc. It tells you in detail what you need to know when you build or fly the Fun Shuttle (or Rocket Planez). View now.
  • Additionally, there are new paper version instructions for the Rocket Planez, found HERE.
  • AeroRacers, Inc. has been kind enough to share the Rocket Planez curriculum module with us for you to use with this item.  It is found HERE.

Academic Aerospace Lesson #5:  Balloon Lifter

  • Rather than following the directions for making the "basket" attachment for the balloon, I let my students decide how and where they want to attach the small cup. It is fun to see what they come up with! (Mrs. Chin, San Jose Catholic School)
  • Rather than making the "basket" attachment, simply tape the small paper cup to the straw that is attached to the balloon.

Academic Aerospace Lesson #7:  My Mission, My Patch


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