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Grade 6

If you have a suggestion or information you wish to share with other ACE 6th grade teachers, please submit it by email to  Please specify whether or not you prefer your name and/or email address to be listed on this page so that other teachers may contact you if desired. 

Academic Aerospace Lesson #2:  Target

Academic Aerospace Lesson #6:  What's Hidden Below

  • Rather than using a shoe box, try using a Styrofoam "to go" box that does not have dividers for food inside the box.  The skewers EASILY go through the box.  You may wish to line the inside of the box with a dark sheet of construction paper or cloth to help prevent the ability to see through the holes made by the skewer.

Academic Aerospace Lesson # 8:  Super Stars

  • Consider using this "Life Cycles of Stars" PowerPoint as a helpful resource.  (Mrs. Carla Chin, San Jose Catholic School)

Other Tips/Suggestions:

  • 2012 Black History Month Video:  NASA's former Associate Administrator for Education and two-time space shuttle astronaut Leland Melvin's African American History Month message reflects on space-related milestones of the past and challenges viewers to use their talents to inspire today's youth to future achievement. (Leland Melvin is featured in a Sixth Grade Physical Fitness lesson.)
  • Consider signing up to receive free weekly newsletters from  They have great, short video clips that can be used to introduce some of your lessons.  Also, the information introduces and emphasizes careers to students.   (Mrs. Carla Chin, San Jose Catholic School)


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