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K-6 Ideas and Resources

ACE K-6 Ideas/Resources

  • A list of events/activities to "lift off" (or wrap up) the ACE Program is provided in the ACE teacher's guide in the school-wide implementation guidelines (see page 6, #3).  Many of the activities are examples of those actually conducted by schools.  Additional ideas may also be located in the news articles located on the ACE in the News page. 

    Regarding a culminating activity, consider taking pictures throughout the year and present your school's (or classroom's) ACE slideshow during an assembly.  You may consider having an assembly where student representatives from each grade level demonstrate/show a product of the grade level’s (or classroom’s) favorite ACE activity  and tell something they learned.  Upper elementary grades might present their information as a short newscast or make a video to share.

    As for PowerPoint presentations or video clips to show an audience of students to get them excited about aerospace, there are many online, and here is a short list: Earth from SpaceAstronaut-Guided Tour of ISS (select ISS music video), and Air Break 2 and Airventure 2009.  You may do a Google search for more options.
  • Try using this cool airplane video as part of your ACE event or airplane lesson:  (If you are unable to view "youtube" at your school, consider downloading the video using your home computer, saving it to a disk/memory stick, and bringing it to show at school.)
  • Shuttle SRB Viewpoint Video:  Absolutely mindblowing video shot from the Space Shuttle during launch.  Amazing views and sound!
  • Find additional aerospace video clips, PowerPoints, and activities on our CAP AE Lessons & Activities page.
  • Black History Month Video:  NASA's Associate Administrator for Education and two-time space shuttle astronaut Leland Melvin's African American History Month message reflects on space-related milestones of the past and challenges viewers to use their talents to inspire today's youth to future achievement.
  • Consider adding an ACE page to your school's website or individual teacher web page.  
  • Quick link to the ACE Website and Literature Resources Index.



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