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I am a retired teacher (NASA education specialist, aerospace museum education specialist, CAP senior member, etc). I would love to “adopt” a class at a school and be responsible for the minimum 10 lessons to be taught to the class. Can I do that? If so, how many classes may I adopt?

Although the answer to this question is “yes,” please consider encouraging the classroom teacher to become a teacher member of CAP and registering his/her classroom in the ACE Program. You can still participate in the program by going to the classroom to teach ACE lessons. By joining as a teacher member of CAP, the classroom teacher will receive many membership benefits. (Learn more at

In the event the classroom teacher does not wish to become a teacher member of CAP, you are welcome to (with the classroom teacher’s permission and an email from the teacher confirming this arrangement) register and present the 10 ACE lessons to his/her class. We request that you adopt no more than 4 classes and only one school location to do this. If you wish to incorporate an entire grade level at the same school and can visit the INDIVIDUAL classrooms to present the ACE lessons, you can include students from an entire grade level at one school. Remember, all students involved should receive at least 10 ACE lessons. Please contact us at prior to registration so that we are aware of your arrangement, will receive an email confirmation from the teacher(s), and can help you register correctly.

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