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I am a science lab teacher. Can I sign up for several grade levels to be part of the ACE Program? I will ensure they receive the required number of lessons.

Yes, but please consider this: Ideally, we would love for the classroom teachers of the students to embrace the program and be part of it by agreeing to become a member of CAP and teaching at least 5 of the minimum 10 ACE lessons for their students. This would allow both yourself and the participating classroom teacher(s) to register to participate. If that should happen, the classroom teacher would enter the student count for his/her class when registering, and you would register as a “specialist,” not entering any student counts.

If the teachers are not interested, you are more than welcome to be responsible for the program for the grades of your choice. Remember that the program is grade-specific, with each grade having its own unique lessons. For the grades you wish to involve in the program, you will be expected to present at least 10 of their grade-specific ACE lessons to the students. For example, if you wanted to conduct the program with grades 3 -5, you would teach twelve 3rd-grade lessons to each of the 3rd-grade classes; twelve 4th-grade lessons to the 4th-grade classes, etc. When you register with this situation, you will need to register as a classroom teacher so that you can enter student counts for each grade level.

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